The Twilight Saga

Danny is the alpha of his pack his mate is a human. But she has a boyfriend she loves very much. How far will he go to have her? What will he do to get her in his arms. What if he finds out her boyfriend is a vampire and a bad one at that? What if he finds out he been beating her when something go wrong?


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Casey: Check out and I put the bags in my car. I feel off. I look around. I sit in my car and I taxed Brad. I got the food you want for dinner. Drinner will be in the table when you get home. Love you. *I sent it* 

Maggie: *Wait*

(Danny boyfriend brad the mate)

Danny*text back* "it better be" I told here then went to deliver a baby.

Brad: I followed her home

Casey: * Drives home and I bags of food in. I started to cook and I burn a the meat and I hope he did see it. I put the candles on the table and I make the salad and I light the candle. I Put the food on the table and plates*


Maggie( Help Brad get her sister away for him)

(sorry internet going in and out tonight)

Brad: I set outside her house watching.

Danny: I have done been here for almost 10 hour now I am fixing to go home and hope we don't have any more accidents. I text her on the way home. " are we all set?" I asked

Casey: Yes my love. I text back. *Hiding the burn meat. I burn both pieces. I knew he was going to hit me and I pray to god*

(how are brad and her sister going to meet)

Danny:"good I will be there in 10 mint. Is your sister coming. Over again tonight? I asked I did not like her sister being over that much

Casey: No. I said *Feeling sick to my stomach*

(When maggie see him watching the house?)

Danny: I pull in to my drive way and walk in to make sure all is done to my liking

Bade: man I hope that her brother. I thought

Maggie: Hi. I said to him. That guy that was outside my sister house*

Casey: Hey babe. I said *Kissing your lips*

Danny: I see everything. In order "where dinner?" I asked washing up

Brad: "hi may I help you?" I asked

Casey: On the table. I said *Smiling at you*

Maggie: *Smiles* No, But I can help you. This is my sister house. I said 

Danny: go and set wait to be served

Brad: " well then you might just can"


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