The Twilight Saga

Danny is the alpha of his pack his mate is a human. But she has a boyfriend she loves very much. How far will he go to have her? What will he do to get her in his arms. What if he finds out her boyfriend is a vampire and a bad one at that? What if he finds out he been beating her when something go wrong?


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Age: 17

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Casey*Turn on her side and sleeps and sleeps*

Vampire: Can I kill Brad and her kids? I ask

brad"take care baby

Danny: if we can find them

Vampire: Oh we will. I said 

Casey: *Sleeps and turn again*

Maggie: Wait for brad to leave*

brad: turn to Maggie " I going to get some closes for us all and the babies will you be ok?"

Maggie: Yes. I will be fine. I said

Casey: *Feel someone grab her*

brad: I nodded my head and left

Casey: Fight Danny. She is to take weak. (Danny rape and get her pregnant and make have the baby)

brad: I got back to the room and she was left alone " where is Maggie" I asked but no one knew

( she will have to be there at lest 9 mo for that to happen)

(I know)

Maggie: I am right here. I said *By the window*

Casey: Was knock out*

brad:relief washed over me pew I thought you done went and done something stupid. I told here handing her the bag. "there some food in there to if you want some.

Maggie: No thanks. oh ya. Like what? I ask

Casey: *Wake and see danny* Not you again. I said

brad: see Casey swarming I lightly shack her "Casey wake up"


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