The Twilight Saga

Danny is the alpha of his pack his mate is a human. But she has a boyfriend she loves very much. How far will he go to have her? What will he do to get her in his arms. What if he finds out her boyfriend is a vampire and a bad one at that? What if he finds out he been beating her when something go wrong?


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Maggie: *Smiles* What do you want to know. I said 

Casey: *put the meat on your planet and you see that is burn badly* How was work today. I ask

Danny: I looked at the food. " you call this food this is junk". I stud up *SMACK* "stupid girl now clean this mess up I am going out to eat. Leave out the door

Brad: " that girl who is she?"

Casey: *Put up the mess and make sure everything is off the floor*

Maggie: She is my sister. Her name is Casey. She is 15 year old. She live just a jerk that love to hit her.I said What esle do you want to know? I ask

Danny: go to car and drive off

Brad: I try to calm down. I was going to kill him

Casey: *Has a panic attack and break down. Crying*

Maggie: He hit once in front of me and I have try to get her out of that house. But she won't. She is to scary. I said 

Danny: I went to deny's to eat.

Brad: calling up my fist "Ill help you with that. But first my I meet her?"I asked

Casey: Haven't been feeling well at all. She can't keep anything down*

Maggie: Yes. You can. *I walk up to the door and Pull her outside with a jack on. Holding her hand* Brad this is my sister Casey.

Casey: Its nice to meet you. I said 

Brad: hold out my hand " nice to meet you to. "I said then saw her she had a black eye " how you get that?" I asked

Danny: I ordered my food. "yes I told like a stake med. Rear and a backed. Potato please" I said

Casey: *Shack your hand* I fell. I lied. *Feeling very sick*

Maggie: Really. mmm Sure you did.

Casey: Maggie be quite. I said 

Maggie: He hit you just say it.

Casey: He didn't mean to. I said 

Maggie: All he does and yes. He does. I said 

Brad: trying to stay calm with her. " so he did hit you?" I asked

Danny: I got my food and started eatting. Looking around to see where the main course. Come from today.

Casey: *I nod* Yes. I said *Shocking Badly and feel very dizzy. Like she is going to faint*

Maggie you Okay? I ask

Casey: *Started to fall*

Maggie: I grab her hand *Hold her up* What wrong>? I ask

Casey: Not feeling well. I said 

Brad: " it prob from all the times he hit you come on. " I pick her up and take her to my car.

Danny: when I got done I sent for the check when she gave it to me i whispered. To her " what time you get off i can show you what a good time fills. Like"


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