The Twilight Saga

For some lucky countries, BD has been released, so what are your thoughts on the movie?

I still have to wait another week for the premiere in my country, but I would like to know what do you think of the movie.



If you haven't watched the movie, there may be some information that you may want to watch by yourself on the big screen.

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It has not started here in the US yet either in a couple of days but I hope that people will not ruin it. I have seen on the other sites that I am on people posting things that have already seen the movie and I am trying so hard to stay away from them until I get to see it. I will let you know if I like it without the details. What country do you live in?

tomorrow is the release of the movie.. i wish i could watch it today like right now. for those who's done watching the movie, PLEASE DON'T BE A "SPOILER" hahaha .. can't wait 

I do think I have the same situation like you. And maybe even worse....... I have to wait and watch it on the internet for it doesn't run on in my country. I'm gonna mad! And I really want to fly to the U.S to watch it! Anyway, I don't think I will sleep tonight, I'm too excited. If you saw some wonderful details, TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!

 Greetings from Greece! I saw it last night! Totally loved it! Trully! For me the best so far. Very faithfull to the book but even the changes they made don't alter the story or the meaning of the book. Very good work from Bill Condon. I'm going to see it again. And again. And all this comes from a person,me, who didn't love Eclipse (the movie). For that one i believe they destroyed the book and the cast didn't perform well.
if anyone want to know any details feel free to ask me.

I havent seen it either. Im goin to the movies tomorrow. Thats when it comes out for my country, please dont spoil it for me. Its irratating when people tell the scenes of a movie that I havent seen.

I still have to wait a week :( but it seems there's something happening after the credits, so if you're going wait for it, but please don't tell me the surprise, I can't wait to watch it!

Someone mentioned that at the end of the credits there's a special surprise, so please don't leave the theater before waiting for the end of the credits!

Yep, is true!!! don`t move of your sit till the end of the credits ;)


Moon!!!! I'm so happy you're back!

So I went and saw it last night it was not my favorite but you never know when the next one comes out. I don't believe they should of did 2 parts they could of done it all in one. All in all it was okay.

Awesome . Must Watch!

I'll definitely do it!


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