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Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out in November 2011, but the second part comes out a whole year later in 2012  - is the wait to long???

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No, I don't think the wait is going to be too much. You have to think about all they have to do between films with all the press stuff and different release dates around the world. And after all that is done for part one, they have to get back on set to film part two. I think it would all be too rushed if they made the release dates any closer. I even wish they had put more time between NM and Eclipse. Not that the movie wasn't awesome as it is, but I can't help wondering how much better it could have been if they had put about a year between those movies.
I totally agree with what you have said- I couldn't have put it better myself :)
Yeah it is a bit too far away...
I mean one whole year!! How am I gonna wait???!!!!!!!!!
i with you
yes this is too long 2 wait,,,,,,but i suppose all the stars r busy doing other projects x
Hello Twilighter! As a Twilight fan I do feel the Breaking Dawn release dates are too far for us to handle. Why would Summit want to make us wait a complete year for part two of Breaking Dawn? This is definitely now the franchise looking for more money by making us wait a whole year longer for part two to be released. Then how long would it take them to release the entire Twilight Movie Collection DVD after Breaking Dawn is finally released on November 16, 2012? Would the Twilight fans have to wait for 2013 to get their DVD collection? It's just definitely outrageous. Also, I hope they don't plan to make Breaking Dawn in 3-D I just can't tolerate those glasses they affect my vision at times due to my migraine headaches. I wish they would do the regular 2-D movie effect and our old fashion make-up cast like in Underworld. Those were extreme make-up effects and wardrobe. Why do we have to put everything on 3-D? Well this is just my opinion to share with everyone. Thanks!
If they do make it into 3D, it will still also be released in 2D. I think all of the 3D movies get released that way for the people that can't handle or just plain don't like the 3D effects. So, you'll still be able to see it if it is released in 3D. 3D doesn't really bother, but I don't see any reason for them to make it that way. It's not like BD is a movie with a lot of action in it and, IMO, action movies are really the only ones that make for good 3D movies. Anything else is kinda boring in 3D. Although I really wouldn't mind seeing Edward and his beautiful body in 3D. LOL As far as the release dates go, if it means that the movies are going to be done the right way and stay as close as possible to the book, then the year isn't going to bother me at all. I can wait for them to get it exactly right!!
Yeah, any 3D movie is also released in 2D!
(haha, i like the bit about seeing Edward in 3d, no i wouldnt mind seeing that either!!)
I'm okay with the dates. I'll have much more of excuse to watching them since my birthday is November 17. I can watch part 1 as a late b-day present and part 2 for my b-day. What an awesome present. Just hope it's not my dad taking me. He annoys me (so does my mom) when ever I talk about jake near my dad, he calls him "hair stuck up" and when I talk about Twilight near my mom she say "ur still with the toilet thing."
I also heard that the reason they want to wait out the year is because Eclipse didn't do as well as it could have had they put the year between NM and Eclipse. The market was just oversaturated with Twilight and people got sick of it all really quick. I think it's smart to wait like this. It give the actors some more time between the movies so they aren't being worked to death and it doesn't shove the saga down people's throats. It really was a bit much having NM and Eclipse so class together. I wish they had put the year between them as well.
i dont think BD1 is that far of a wait but i think BD2 is


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