The Twilight Saga

I hope I got it right hope u guys can see them

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Great pictures thankyou.
U r both welcome I'm new at learning how to use this blackberry cerve phone lol glad u guys got to see them
No lol I got them from online and I didn't kno how to post them from my bb to u guys on the saga lol I'm 34 yrs old give me a break lol this is all very new to me lol I got them of of fb twilight saga page but I wish I was there to take them lol
I'm 44 yrs old and I am still learning about my old computer. let alone all the short hand. So don't worry we are grateful for any informantion we can get because it makes it more real that BD will come out at last.
Yes we get it on the 1st of dec. which I am looking forward too. I can't wait until the 17 of Dec. one of my girl's finishes school and is then going on to do a child care course she is 18 the other is going still going to school as she is only 14. But we can have as many late nights as we like and stay up and watch all three movies back to back.
U r both welcome lol and I have my wish list already in wit hubby I want the dvd he wants the blue ray lol
more pics
Great as always, thanks for posting them.


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