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Except a few countries where BD is releasing on 24th Nov 2011, almost everybody would have seen it.  And I would like to know how did you guys like it.  I felt the movie was great, loved it.  But a little bit disappointed that few dialogues were not there at all. like to say:


  1. Edward to Bella : "So you seduced your all-too-willing husband. That’s not a capital offense"
  2. Bella and Edward discussion about delaying the college and the dialogue : "Sex was the key all along"
  3. Edward to Jacob : "She can have puppies, if that's what it takes."


This is all I can think of now.  What do you guys think??


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I would agree I like the movie I am going to see it again because I wasn't totally in love with it like the others. I felt they could of done some much more in the beginning of the movie where she is preparing herself with the fancy car. And other things like that. They left some really great parts from the book out and it just felt unorganized like they were trying to hard to get the juicy stuff in but forgot what the book was really about which is Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Just my opinion though.

I am reallly disappointed that the banter with Jacob and Rosalie was not in the movie. Like the blonde jokes:   How do you drown a blonde?  Glue a mirror to the bottom of the pool. and many more like that.  Also when Rosalie is told to make Jacob a plate of food and she bends a metal bowl into the shape of a dog bowl  and writes FIDO ON THE SIDE and then after Jacob throws it at her and she is more upset that he got food in her hair then the bowl hitting her. It felt as if they where in a rush to finish the movies off.  As if the movie was losing the flavour of the month, if this is so well if we have to wait another year to see the rest well then it may lose the flavour.

exactly... jacob rosalie part would have been good. Even I wanted that :(

There were a lot of parts they left out and I wish they would of put it in. The story line would of been fabulous with all the good parts.


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