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What scene are you most looking forward to be portrayed from film to book?



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Oh wow!! Lots of them. Of course, I'm looking forward to seeing the wedding. I can't wait to see what Bella's dress is going to look like and we already know that Rob looks just stunning in a tux (thank you W4E!!!). I'm also really looking forward to everything on Isle Esme. I hope they do all that right and make it as beautiful as it is described in the book. Also looking forward to the pregnancy, especially seeing Rob pull of the burning man look. Should be hot!!!! Although, not as much as other things in the movie, also looking forward to some of the Jake stuff, like hoping to see the scene where Edward gives him the car and Jake takes off, Jake accept his Alpha side and make his own pack, stuff like that. Greatly looking forward to seeing how they are going to do the imprinting and then how they do Nessie. I'm really hoping at some point she is a real child, but I don't see how they are going to be able to get out using any CGI with her at all. She's grows too fast for them to not do some CGI. Ummmmm....let me see......basically I'm just looking forward to everything. I really hope they show what Alice and Jasper do while they are away and not just have them disappear the way they do in the book.
Me too, i'm basically looking forward to the whole film, as long as they keep as close as possible to the book, then i should love it!
I'm really looking forward to the wedding scene, to seeing Bella's dress, and to watch Bella and Edward finally get married! Also i hope they include the part where Alice is trying to get Bella to come with her, and she just ignores her, and carrys on kissing Edward!
Of course all of Isle Esme, all of the pillowbiting/headboard ruining etc....I'm also looking forward to seeing Bella turning into a vampire, and seeing Renesmee for the first time! I hope like Edward's Babygirl said: that they will try and cast a real baby as much as is possible in the scenes with Renesmee, and seeing Bella and Edward hold her, aww, again so so cute!!! (also there will be some very cute Robsten moments!!)
The first hunt! Ohh, and when they first get there house (cottage) its so cute, and when Edward carries Bella down the hallway!
Errrm...what else!? Even though i'm Team Edward i'm looking forward to most of the scenes with Jacob, the part where he imprints on Renesmee, and he's finally happy! Also the part where's he's talking to Bella to try and persuade her to have a baby with him, just so he can save her life!
I'm very much looking forward to the scene right at the end, in BD part 2, where Bella, Edward and Renesmee just hug each other, because they find out they can be together forever, and Edward and Bella kiss!
To be honest i could go on forever listing the whole entire book because i love it so much...i think i'm going to have to read it all over again!! :P
Same here...In fact, I'm looking forward to everything..:D
so am I........I'm on team edward sooo I am looking forward to how the movie was interpreted from the book
I can't wait to see how well they would bring out all the different Vampire Clans besides the Volturi family. Also, I can't wait to see how well Renesmee would look like Edward & Bella. I also would like to see the enjoyment of Edward & Bella finally having their moment after their wedding. If it's done with our daily soap operas, TV-Disney, Cartoon Network, then it can be done in a Movie so let's stop the paranoia of keeping it PG-13. A moment of romance does not need to be so extreme. I have seen it everyday with our regular series, shows, and my kids programs on national television. So I know it can be done to please all ages if done appropriately. We see more vulgar expressions on the street everyday and we are so worried about a book transferred in a movie? Come on lets just give credit where credit is due. It can be done since Mr. David Slade did an awesome job in Eclipse with the romance between Edward & Bella as well as Jacob. We don't need to get to adult in Breaking Dawn to tell what happens after you get married. The parents are responsible for their kids viewing.
Thats a really good point! You dont need a rating higher then PG -13 for Breaking Dawn! You can still show emotion, and certain shots with out exceeding that rating! And yeah, its not the first film to have scene's like Isle Esme for example, and they've had PG-13 ratings!
i completely agree with u 100%...i'm a mom and some of the things my kids c on regular tv and in some of the movies that r jus suppose to b for kids is unbelievable...but i do limit my kids on what they can and can't watch...i'm glad i'm not the only one who feels this way thanx
tottally agreed i mean david slade did it catherine hardwicke and of course chris weitz some even cut out the big love scenes espec. chris weitz!!!!
I can't wait to see the wedding and the Volturi war.
of course, i can't wait to c the wedding and isle esme scenes and def the birth of renesmee, and what jasper and alice r up too, but i really want to c the very last part at the end of the book where she lets edward read her thoughts...i want to c his reaction and he finally no how bella feels, and i want to c bella arm restle emmett, theres so much stuff i want to c but i think this is the main stuff....
i forgot to put that the arm wrestle with Emmmett, and definatly the last scene where she last Edward know her thoughts, i cried when i read that the first time, because i was so happy that it all ended perfect, but i didnt wont to ever finish the book...:P
i no, i didn't want it to end either....i so wished there was more to it....i wish that wasn't all the books to it...i wish stephanie would continue on an on an on with the twilight saga lol but i no that is very selfish of me lol...thanx for startin these groups


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