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What scene are you most looking forward to be portrayed from film to book?



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Yeah, i wish she would just write another book, even if it was short (like the Bree book) just some thing, prehaps a year later...

Its ok, thank you joining! :)
i also want to c the part when bella attacks jacob that should b interestin
i totally am looking forward to arm wrestling
I really want to see Bella's wedding dress!!! I always wanted to know what it would look like.
And i wonder if they will show the movie in Jacobs pov or bellas because in the book bellas whole pregnancy is mostly with jacob....
I really want to see the wedding and and am curious to see Bella transform into a vampire. I also am curious to see if renessmee is accurate in the movie.. I can not wait to see the movie!!!
I am most looking forward to the scene where Bella is giving birth to Renesemee and Edward giving her his venom from little shots and also, the scene where in the book it says, "Bella looked at the humans and growled at Edward but didn't attack".
I kno everyone says the honeymoon but I say the wedding when jake shows up as a gift from edward but jake gets upset when he finds out wat edward n bella have planed for there honey more that part always touched me
well i cried wen i read the wedding so prob the wedding nd of course wen jake throws the dog dish at rosalies head!
Isle Esme OF COURSE!!! :D
and the wedding too!!!! <3
ISLE ESME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to see everything, like the wedding and the brith of nessie and bella becoming a vampire, Jacob leaving the pack to make his own, the volturi war, meeting all the other vampires, oh and Jacob impriting on nessie and so much more im so excited
Lots! Definitely the wedding and Isle Esme. Those are my top two. Oh and when Edward changes her while she's having Renesmee...uhmm and when the Cullens buy them the cottage. I really hope they show Isle Esme, even though it's gonna be pg-13 they should still show it but just don't show too much nudity. They have to show that cause that's basically where it all began.


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