The Twilight Saga

What scene are you most looking forward to be portrayed from film to book?



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EVERYTHING!!!!! but i want to see the wedding
I'm looking forward to the whole movie. This is my favorite book out of the series and I can't wait. I will like to see how well they do with the birth scene.
Everything!There was nothing about that book that I did'nt like.It was the only book that I really liked Jacob in!I did'nt care for him in the other books.I take that back,he was okay in Twilight,because he was hardly in it.LOL!
The wedding and the honey moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
most of all the honeymoon lol ,the next thing is when jake form his own pack,oh and jake showing up at the wedding ,but i wanna know how much they changed the story because y r all 3 dainli sister there at the wedding i don't understand witch seems to me they change something!

I'm looking forward to seeing RENESMEE!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry, I just love her in the book and she looks so sweet. If SM does continue after Breaking Dawn I really think Abigail Breslin should be the older I guess 10-13 year old verson of of Renesmee (I don't know her real age). I also look forward to the Imprint if they show it but I bet they would cut off right when Bella has the baby. Truth to tell I'm not expecting it to be BIG like Harry Potter Deathly Hallows prt 1you know with all the graphics and such but I want to see the real love btw Bella and Edward. If they nail that the whole movie will be a HIT!


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