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I think it would becuase thats the day edward and bella will be getting married on<3 

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That would be awesome if they decided as a surprise that it will come out early. I can't wait until it comes out.
Yes it would be nice but lets be realistic it's not going to happen because they have already set the date. it will be harder I think watching the first one knowing that you won't see the end of the story so to speak for another year.   How are they going to market the dvd before the second movie comes out like just before or are they going to be quick like they were with Eclipse?  Also how are they going to do the movie cd's two separate ones or what?  These are more to the point then hoping that they will release it earlier.
I think with BD there are so many unanswered questions from us fans that they are trying to keep it as secretive as they can for as long as they can. I do wish they wouldn't wait a year in between but at least it's only a year where as some of the sequels take years to come out.
I agree withboth of you. Its true how Heidi says that it wont happen but its true what Lisa said. They can be secretive with many things. :)



August 13th?????????? Noooooooo, right now both movies.. hahaha-- I can't waitttttttttttttttt
haha makes more sense lol

me nietherrrrr!!! I GUST MIGHT CRY.... LLS


yea it would since y b-day is in august!!! yaaahhhh!!!! cantttt waittt for breakingdawnnn wen it come out i willl see the movie 13 times or until it go out of movies!!! lol wouldnt it be cool if she makes more official twilight books i try tracking her down or winning contest to go see her,,, and all but heayyyy, im just happy wat i got...



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