The Twilight Saga believe Edward overthinks everything!!!!! If he didn't overanalyze every little thing, he and Bella could've been together alot sooner. Don't get me wrong...I love Edward...I just think he needs to sit back and let things happen how they want to happen and not try to analyze every aspect of everything!!! Just take a chill pill and relax!!

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it would be a very short book if he didnt overthink the things he did :P and very less romantic i quess ;)
exactly! it would be short & simple whats the point?
I think he does over think too much too. XD
I agree. Overthinks EVERYTHING.
Duh!! But I still love him
kind of. but i love that. i wish i had someone who dod that for me... but i thought that myself and he does, but its for the right reasons. if he never over thought things, then the books would be rather short and bella might get in trouble or get hurt. now would we want bella too get hurt? i think not... but it would be nice if edward let one thing go and we could see what happens there and if bella gets hurt, who cares shes a vampire now she cant get hurt. but if she was still human and that happened, lets just say we would probably take 100 or two pages off of breaking dawn if you know what i mean... but all in all edward means well and does well.
Well, don't forget, he's a vampire and has been around a while, so i wouldn't be surprised if he would overanalyze everything. He probably hates mistakes, especially when he makes them, and he feels the need to redeem himself. Though in my opinion what he was doing didn't help much in that area.
well said and rightly so
He can be excessive but I do believe he tries to mean well I also think if it is not just habit because he alway's thought situation's through even before he got involved with bella.
I agree complete.He doesnt relax alittle he would never get so close to
bella that he wonts to get .
Well, considering the situation...not really. There's quite a bit to think about.
he does but that makes him edward


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