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well i haven't neigher of my friends

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i haven't read the on-line version of midnight sun
i read it in the Steph Meyer's webste!!! I wish she continues writing, cus it's really awesome... i like this version more than bella's!!!!
so did i, i dont know why. maybe it give a little more details about what other people were thinking...
ya same here i love hearing peoples thoughts;)althow i might just go crazy:)
It´s awesome! I can´t wait until she finishes it!
It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
ihave it's simply awesome ,and also give us a more mature point of view of Twilight,be in the mind of Edward is incredible.
Yeah, I've read it. I think it's awesome! Can't wait 'til everyone can shut up about it for 2 years, so she can finish writing it. Go Steph!
yes, midnight sun is genial
I know a blog that wrote the following and is very similar
by against, it is in french
i read it and honestly i liked it better than twilight even if it's just a draft!!
Me to I would much rather hear Edwards side there is so much more going on in the story with him then there is with bella. Yeah bells side is good but i want to hear more about how Edward had to deal with his "monster" and to know more about what his thoughts are on the things Bella had no idea about. I hope she finshes it.


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