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well i haven't neigher of my friends

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i've read it and loved it!!!

i wish everyone would stop talking about it though. i want her to publish it and she wont untill people stop talking about it.
really i did not know there was a online version
how cool is that
i never knew so thank god I'm in this group
I check stephenie's site every day. have you not read it?
I really, really hope that Stephanie does finish Edwards version because i've read the version on her site and would love to see the finished product.
I think we all would. I need something to brighten my life!!!!!!
I haven't read it. I wasn't sure I wanted to.. a big part of me is curious, but i'm hoping and waiting for the book to come out.
Yes its very good thats why i want her to HURRY and complete it.
I read it and it was AMAZING!! I like the story written from Edward's perspective much better! I think it gives you a better understanding of the whole picture because he is telling you what is happening, like Bella's version, and then you get to learn about what the people around him are thinking since he can hear everyone except for Bella and it totally puts a different twist on things and makes it more interesting. I too hope and pray she finishes it or re-writes it because it was so AWESOME!!
I read it on her site. 3 times, guys read it!!! its too good to be true!!!!!
Yea, and that why im sad. I was so into it and then there was nothing else to read of it.
I know how you feel. I felt utter despair. (it sounds really lame i know but is true :-/

I felt the same way, it was great to finally see Edward's point of view, since we already had 3 books from Bella's perspective, and one with Jacob's. I think its important to know all the stuff that was going on with his struggle to not kill her, and how he fell in love with her. without this book you don't really get why and how Edward came to love her so much. I think this book is very important to completing the story. There is no way you can not like Edward after reading this.


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