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Yea, thats the only part there is... *sigh* *sniffles*
Yeah I did. I read the first 14 pages last year and then I stopped and hoped it would get published sometime soon and I would just read it then. I gave in and read the rest in like 3 days but now it kinda sucks because it wasn't the whole book. It was really good though, it's interesting to know Edward's side of the story. I hope Stephenie decides to publish it. If she does I think she should also write New Moon,Eclipse,and Breaking Dawn from Edward's point of view.
I only read the draft Stephenie Meyer made available on her website. I can't wait till she decides to finish the book. I need more, I'm seriously addicted to the Twilight saga and everything surrounding it :D
me to i cant wait its my personal kind of heroin lol!! I love the books alot, but i dont think the movies do them justice but aint that the way it suppost to go the books are always more detailed. Either way they both rock. I'd like to see edwards thoughts on dvd too. It would be awsome to see his struggle with monster and he falls in love with bella. I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do too, after reading those 12 chapters it helps u way more understand. I know he told Bella all this, but hearing it from him and his word. You can hear more of the pain, and that just makes you love him more.
Yes :D I love it :D :X
yes i did! on stephanie's web site! loved it, loved it, loved it!!! wish stephie is going to finish it soon!!!
Yes, I read it on Stephenie's website, and its even better than Twilight! I so wish she would finish it . . .
OMG...just hearing everything in Edwards voice is so interesting. I sooo want this book to be completed. It just fills in so many blanks, makes you want more information on each and every character. She could literally write a book from each of their view points and it still wouldn't be enough. Midnight Sun even made the Twilight movie seem better. I love the books so much more than the movie, but MS just filled in the blanks.
can someone put the link up

I couldn't tell you the link; however it is super easy to find!

Use a Google search, and type Midnight Sun. It will list entrys, mainly about SM.

Go down to the second entry or search.

Click on that, and it's right there.:)
I have read about 23 pages of it, so I am on Chapter 2.

It is very, very good, and everyone should read it!


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