The Twilight Saga

Is the Midnight Sun draft better than Twilight?

I personaly think it is. Edward's mind has so much depth to his thoughts

and feelings. So, we get a better in-sight to the story, and the thoughts and personalities

of most of the other characters in the book because of his ability to read minds. Don't get me wrong though, I do still absolutely adore twilight and Bella's way of

telling the story aswell.


So, what's everyone elses opinion?

Twilight or Midnight Sun?

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good question! I do love to hear Edward's side of the story. I am not sure it could exist without Twilight, though. It was meant as a companion piece, and for me a lot of the fun of it is thinking, "Oh! That is what was happening in Edward's head when Bella was thinking or doing this...".

It is hard to say, though, as I read the whole series first. Maybe someone coming in fresh would like Midnight Sun better. We may find out! :)

I have been re-reading the series, and I have noticed a lot of little moments where Bella (and so the reader) is unsure of what Edward is thinking or feeling, and I wonder if Stephenie will do, if not whole books, maybe annotated versions of certain parts of all the other books. Oh that would be lovely....
Thanks :) and good point! and I thought whilst reading it that Edward is much kinder and patient than Bella thinks.
Which is nice to know. I'm now verging on loveing them both equally, your right, it is too hard to choose. But i'm ever so slightly leaning towards Midnight Sun. ....but mabey that's because i'm biased! I love Edward too much!
And I really do hope that Stephanie will write Edwards side to all the books, I dout it though. But atleast she is going to publish Midnight Sun when she is finished writing it. :)

Thanks for adding to the discussion!
So true, I couldn't have put it better myself - and I'm glad to hear some one agrees with me. Edward's story has much more depth than Bella's. I think it's 'funnier' than Twilight at times aswell.
Midnight Sun will probably take Stephenie a long time to write, because Edward's side of the story has so much to it. It's well worth the wait- I think- if the story is finished to perfection for Stephanie, and not rushed. I can be patient....I think :)
I do think Edward is funnier, in a weird way. Like this part:

"“Why won’t you leave me alone?”
Believe me, I wanted to say. I’ve tried.
Oh, and also, I’m wretchedly in love with you."

Adorable! and funny!
That's like one of my favorite lines in Midnight Sun!
Edward is so adorable and witty! I love him! :)
cool. you read Midnight Sun before Twilight? well, it's nice to know your opinion :)

thanks for adding to the discssion!
your right, they both go hand-in-hand perfectly.
and it IS a tough one! thats why i asked it :)

thanks for adding to the discussion
Some authors will do a book with varying perspectives, sometimes on the same subject, but I haven't heard of an author doing an entire separate book from another character's view. That's right- Stephenie's a Genius!!!

all I know is that I am DYING to find out Edward's thoughts in the meadow scene. I feel faint just thinking of it. * sigh * :)
I'm sure the meadow scene for Edward will be a longer chapter, I can't wait! And I really want to know what he is thinking when Bella run's off to the ballet studio!
I wish Stephenie would write faster! well, I guess a genius's work takes time. -sigh-
But omg! I seriosly can't wait to hear more about Edward's side to the story! He is so awsome!

And I wish she would write Edward's side to all the books, but I heard somewhere that she said she wasn't going to, that only Twilight will be done from Edwards perspective. -frowns-
still love her for all that is Twilight though :)
i totally agree with you...but twilight and midnight sun just can't exist without each other...both are the important sides to this beautiful story.........


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