The Twilight Saga

The poor girl is so busy, what with kids, books, movies, being fabulous...

She really just says she is too busy.  I would love to send a message to her, instead of giving her a hard time, to support her and offer help. Stephenie, I wish I could do your dishes, babysit your kids, give you foot rubs, work with cast members, perhaps with the kissing scenes, whatever you need! :)

She has given us so much,  I don't think we should give her a hard time, she deserves our support.

What do you think?

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it´s a cute idea

but i think she needn´t our help ;)
It's a fabulous idea! LOL
I agree ! Such a good idea !
I think it would help a lot just by simply keeping quiet about midnight sun and try to keep our impatience to ourselves. I think it takes a lot of Stephenie's time to read our messages. Besides, how else can we really help?
Yeah, exspecially now with the preview of eclipse coming out shes gonna be on her toes for the next few months. Wish her well with all that shes got going on.
I know, she's a busy girl! She needs some nice downtime to relax and get recharged to get back into Edward's head again. I am personally happy to help her do anything, especially if she needs help coaching RPatz on the Breaking Dawn honeymoon set. (heh)
Im sure she would appreciate the offer, but I'm not sure if wants a bunch of strangers baby-sitting her kids, doing her dishes, giving her foot rubs (well , she might not mind that), or working with the cast members (But that'ss more their disicion).

It's a good idea though.
i wouldnt mind throwin in ideas for her... i mean there is purpose for the have ti tel what happens with renessme (if i spelled that right) and jacob and all tht good stuff. if she needed some inspiration or something. anything to contiue twilight saga~!
also i dont think tht we cud help like tht. we r fans but also strangers writing ideas for her might help tho...
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that's a nice idea..however how do we execute it?

i agree it a good idea (especialy the kissing part)) lol


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