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Hi guys! I just read the midnight sun and had the idea to write the continuation.

I wrote just a few chapters and I want to know what are you thinking about this, if you will like it, I will post more.

This story begin from the place where Stephenie Meyer finished.




What would you do if a person, who is mean for your life, woud faces with fatal danger?You will be trying to protect him?Would you do it if that danger will be you?Would you try to protect her from yourself?Would you be able?Could you do it if you couldn't live in the world in which she didn't exist?Could you be unselfish?Could you be a GOOD?                                                                                        



                                        12. Complications





Then I was driving to home I tried to forget about it. Forget it. Out it from my head. It couldn't be. Alice was wrong. I could see her vision in front of my eyes again. NO! I sharply hit the gas that my '' Volvo'' turned to the paths leading toward the house, jumped in the opposite direction.
'' Edward, you won't avoid the conversation.'' Alice thought . She, of course, heard that I was reaching toward the house. I amazed as trees growing at the roadside remain healthy.
'' I need to talk with you.''  I knew what she will say. And I absolutelly didn't want to hear it. I was selfish again. I was bad. I knew that.
Therefore I was disgust with myself even more. But I didn't  want to be a good no more. I just hadn't the strenght for it. Ironically, but when you are the strongest creature in the world, you can't resist the fragile human's girl.
I drove into a garage at full speed. '' Volvo''  with squeal stopped. Why couldn't I stop myself so aesily?
Alice was waiting for me. She stood quietly lean against the wall. Her thoughts broke into my consciousness.
- Edward, - she said silently.
I shook my head. I wanted to block her thoughts, but it was  impossible when she was so close. Thoughts with new force broke into my consciousness.
I clentched my teeth. - No.
'' She is wrong. She is wrong.''
- Edward, you know that perfectly, you can't run from it.
'' I know.''
- Alice, what if I don't want to run? What if I am tired from wanting to run away?
'' What if I want to be with her? And no matter how it ends...
I shook my head. No. I had to stop, I can't  think like that. Alice was right, I don't have any rights to put Bella in the danger.
''  I  have no rights in her at all.''
I see her vision again in front of my eyes.
- You are wrong, Alice. - I said.
- I would like to be a wrong, Edward.
- I know how to avoid it, - I took it out of myself. I didn't want to be mad at her, I had to be mad at me.
- Edward, you don't understand, Edwrad! - she exclaimed. - You don't want to hurt her, do you? You don't want to injure her, do you?- she was terrified from that thought. I saw how this view came out  of her minds... I growled. I was in the agony.
- Stop it!
I rushed away from the garage. I didn't want to listen it no more. I didn't want to see it no more. Her thoughts was just killing me. It was sad, I always thought I was strong.
'' No, I won't let it , I am able to resist her sent, am I? It won't overcome me. I will not do anything bad to her, I will not do anyhing for only reason.''
I knew that reason. I couldn't live without her. Or in other words -  I couldn't exist. She was the one who lighten up my world, she was my reason, the reason of my life. I couldn't exist in the world which in she wouldn't be. I couldn't no more...
I started running into the forest. I laughed bitterly - night run again. I felt sick about my thoughts, I felt sick about what Alice saw...
I couldn't  take this view, it was too much for me. I was running and from my throat escaped the growling, it was like a doubt, very painful and very dark.
Rain was pouring so hard that after few minutes I get wet to the skin. I ignored it. I was running further into the forest, I was running and my legs were bringing me there, where I was been more than one time, there, where calmly slept the reason of my worn out soul.



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It's realy good, please coninue it updating....

I also started writing a continuation, but yours is way better than mine. I can only think of certain chapters, like chapter 23. The Angel, or chapter 14. Mind over Matter. And I also had an idea for chapter 19-23, but I couldn't think of much else. Anyway, you're doing a great job. Please continue writing...
Thanks :) I would like to read your continuation :)

When I was driving to Bela's home I was firmly decided my mind. I was running toward Bella, never staying in place, but I couldn't running away from her. I knew that. It was so clear that I couldn't realized why I didn't understand it earlier. I won't avoid her no more, because with every day it was more and more hardier task for me.
'' You was caught in the trap, Edward.'' I smiled at that.
This thought lifted up my mood. I wanted driving rather, I wanted to see her right now, to see her chocolate eyes, her soft, amaizing skin.. For one second my right hand began to sting without pain again, from I'd touched her again. Everything rose in front of my eyes again. I felt her silk soft skin under my fingers, a blood was pulsing under her skin...
I closed my yes. No more mistakes.
As soon as I heard Charlie's car was took off, that second I appeared near Bella's house. At this time Bella showed up from behind the window. I smiled. Was she waiting for me, wasn't she? She looked wonderful like always, she just couldn't look like otherwise. While she walked to my car, for me it was painfully long, I couldn't sit still that I wouldn't go for her and pulled her into my embrace.
'' Control yourself.''
When she get on into the car, I sighed with relieve. Was she still angry at me?
- Good morning, - I said. - How are you today?
I was looking at her, at her amaizing eyes. Did she understand what she means for me? I felt infinitable desire to touch her again.
- Good, thank you.
'' It couldn't be.She was sleeping very bad tonight.''
- You look tired.
- I couldn't sleep.
She dreamt again. Spoke through her sleep. I heard when she repeated my name. Again. I wanted to dance from this thought.
- Neither could I, - I confessed.
'' I spend this night in your room.''
I started an engine, her sent spreand through the car. I smiled.
'' I become addicted from her.''
She laughed. - I guess that's right. I suppose, I slept just a little bit more than you did.
I smiled again in my thoughts. ''You are wrong.''
- I'd wager you did. '' I didn't slept at all. I couldn't fall asleep even if I be able to do that.''
- So what did you do last night? - she asked.
I wanted to laugh. What she would thought if I she knew about that? Would she thought about me like total idiot?
I chuckled. - Not chance. It's my day to ask questions. - I wanted to know about her everything, even less important things. Today I wanted to reveal her secrets - even if it was just one.
- Oh, that's right. What do you want to know?
How could I explain? How could I explain that her dark full of questions eyes didn't give me the peaceful from the moment I met her?Goodness, what she was thinking now?One thousand time I concentrated trying to hear at least the one thought. Nothing. I sighed.
- What's your favorite color? - I asked.
She rolled her eyes. - It changes from day to day.
- What's your favourite color today? - I didn't give up.
I liked to teas her.
- Probably brown. - she said.
She was unbelievable. Why brown?
- Brown? - I asked skeptically.
- Sure. Brown is warm. I miss brown. Everything tha's supposed to be brown - tree trunks, rocks, dirt - is all covered up with squashy gree stuff here. - she complained.
That's why.She missed warmth. She missed Phoenix.
But brown is really warm, you just had to look into her eyes to realise that. Suddenly, I started to like brown color.
- You're right. - I seriously decided. - Brown is warm.
I felt interminable desire to touch her again. Brush her hair with a hand for the slightest moment, touch her soft skin... My right hand began to sting without pain again. What if I just touch her a little bit, wouldn't happen anything wrong, would it? It wouldn't be a big mistake... and when my hand lifted up sooner than I grasped what I was doing, I touched her ... as gently as I could if she was made of the thinnest glass, as f she was fragile as a bubble, my fingers stroked the warm skin that covered her cheekbone, the tip of my finger tracing the shape of her lips.
'' Enough.''
It was difficult to pull my hand back, to stop myself from moving closer than I already was. I burned under my touch, I was in fire.
'' Enough.''
'' Focus, just stop thinking about that, try to think about something else, something not so dangerous. RIGHT NOW.
- What music is in your CD player right now? - I asked to divert myself. My hand was tingling, to touch her had been a mistake. A big mistake.
She said the name of the band, but I didn't knew it.
'' I must control myself, right now.''
I flipped open a compartment under my car's CD player, pulled out one of thirty CD's and handed it to her.
- Debussy to this?
She knew Debussy. She knew my favorite musical composition '' Clair de lune.'' I would never though that she liked classic. For me she was one big not revealable secret. Would I ever know about her just enough that I could imply what she was thinking?Would I ever understand her? I sighed, today I would get my own answers. I had for it all the day.
go on I like it
*Sigh* Way better than mine. I swear, I wouldn't be surprized if you're Stephanie Meyer pretending to be someone else. Oh, and, my mom's laptop got a virus a while ago and it deleted my contiuation, so I gave up on it. Sorry. And sorry for not replying earlier.
Thanks Ananda, it's the biggest compliment that you compared me with Stephanie Meyer! I'm so glad that you like it, I just tried to write like Stephanie, feel like she, try to understand what Edward fell...
oh I'm so sad about your continuation, and I believe you will write it again.
Don't sorry about it, it's ok :)
You're welcome. It's true, though. And I think I might keep writing. Every time I read Twilight I just itch to try to continue Midnight Sun, and pretty soon I'll probably give up and do it. Guess I'm a sucker for a good story. :)
Thanks Jessi :) your words lifted my mood and of course I will read your book :)
hey janet.......u were v gud at this...really does deserve a round of applause.....i jus joined d site a few days really motivated by dis thread nd thought of givin dis 'continuation' thing a shot....obviously my draft isn't as gud as urs bt still i wanted to try....i'll really b pleased if u along wid d oder members do comment on how u like....(nd obviously plzz don fell shy to temme if u feel it's bizzare....lolz:)))

so here i go ....this isn't actually the continuation from where stephenie left it.....couldn't really frame anything from there......this is a short draft of the day before the day when edward takes bella to the meadow......hope all of u lik it

Only minutes after when Charlie had left..... Bella hurried out of the house with her bag clinging to her shoulder. She walked towards my car and climbed in the passenger seat without the slightest trace of hesitation. She looked up at me and my lips automatically turned into a warm smile. For a fraction of second her breath stopped and her heart skipped a beat. She kept staring at me and I felt relaxed at the restarting of her heart. I could hardly resist myself from hearing her voice now.
“How did you sleep?” I asked casually.
“Fine. How was your night ?” she replied
“Pleasant” I said amused , remembering the last night which I had spent in her room watching her all the while and listening to my name as she mumbled it over and over in her sleep. She had the faintest idea about me hovering over in her room like this every other night. She felt a bit confused at my reaction trying to read the reason of my amusement on my face but surrendered soon as my perfectly composed face gave nothing away. I had started enjoying this bizarre routine and wondered how long could I continue with it.
“Can I ask you what you did?” she asked
“No” I grinned.”Today is still mine.”
I asked her about every minute detail of her life. About all the people she had known and the relationships she shared with them. I asked her about Renee, her hobbies, what they had done in their free time together. Her grandmother, her school friends. I tried to gather every bit of information that I could about her life. I wanted to know everything about her . Every other detail that she provided in response to my questions didn’t just seem sufficient. I wanted more and more. Surprisingly all these petty details of her life sounded much more interesting to me than any of the stories that I had heard or read in my past hundred and ten years.
Being curious I asked her about the boys she had dated. She seemed to be embarrassed ….I was more shocked than surprised to hear that she hadn’t really ever dated anyone. How could that possibly be? So trusting, warm, innocent, beautiful, pretty that she was….even if I put together all the best adjectives that I had ever known in a century of a long life they wouldn’t be enough to describe her, then how could such a girl not have found anyone until now. I couldn’t really believe that. And at the same time I felt quite smug realizing that I was her first choice. That she had chosen me over everyone else.
“So you never met anyone you wanted?”, I asked in a serious tone reproaching myself now for not being able to stay away from her and inflicting myself, the biggest menace I could ever think of over her, putting her life in danger every passing moment that I spent with her. She definitely deserved much better than that, she deserved someone who could keep her happy without endangering her life…..someone who could protect her from every danger……..thinking of which I suddenly realized that once I had thought of myself as her vampire angel…..I smiled at the thought.
“Not in Phoenix ” she replied honestly
I pressed my lips together into a hard line as the feeling of guilt seeped further through me. Though I thought I could control myself now cause now it was this girl around whom my world centered…..for whom I could give up anything even myself if so required….but still this was a miserable excuse for putting her in danger in this way.
Thanks Gunjan :) you are too :) you know ours continuation are very similar, and I like yours too :)
A day was good. Just perfect. The time was running to fast, more faster than I would want to. It could stop for me. I was counting every minute with Bella, even when we had different lessons, I kept her in my sight through others mind.
It continued like this all the day, I questioned her about every insignificant detail of her life, that she wouldn't stop speaking,that I could listen to her soft voise... Sometimes, then I asked something, her cheeks turned into red even if she didn't notice it, and then I had attempt my patience to tried resist the temptation don't touch her. However much I questioned her nothing became clear from that, she was still secret for me.She was most desiriable secret which I ever wanted to riddle. From this though I felf so bad, it was so difficulty stayed away from her. Even so hardly to controled myself.
Never earlier, when I was with human, I couldn't controled myself like now, controled ever my motion, ever my breathe. If I were human I would go insane long time ago, but with Bella I felt more human than ever before. Only her smell reminded me who truly I was. How long would I be able to justify my presence in her live? And when I will have finally leave her somehow, could I be able to do it? For her safety I would do anything, I would pay any price, no matter how big it would be, but this price seemed too big...
'' Egoist. What egoist you are, Edward.''
But I still didn't know how she felf about me, even I didn' t know what she is thinked about me. It's was so difficult. It was like a weight. And then I heard that for what I took my breath away. My thoughts bloked the question, I could heard only her answer. Desperately I tried to reminded what I asked her. I looked in her eyes and ... I couldn't reminded anything, all answers disappeared out from my head.
Hope started sparkle in me...
I remembered. It's struck like lightening. Gemstone. Topaz. She liked this gemstone because this color of my eyes. I was schoked, impressed.It's just unbelievable. It couldn't be. The happiness I felt in this moment was without precedent.
Undoubtedly, if my heart could beated, her beating was heard everywhere. It was so late, hope started sparkle in me.
''Edward, enough, just ask her about something else. Right now.''
- What kinds of flowers do you prefer? - I fired off.
Would she understood my excitement? I tried do not smiled, but it was difficult. What she is thinking now? Now I really felt like I would have been 17.But she seems didn't understood. I heaved a sigh of relief.
Biology was a complication again. Even we entered the room I understood that Mr. Banner prepared by us today. Movie. Again.
I clentched my teeth. I couldn't sit so close with her, I couldn't anymore. I was scared, I could losing my self - control. I slide my chair slightly farther away from her. I promised myself that I would make no mistakes, no mater how minimal they seemed.
Mr. Banner turned the lights out.
As soon as the room was dark, there was the same electric spark. A new kinds of desire was growing in me, working to override my self - control. Again. Between her body and mine, the electricity hummed.
Bella leaned forward on the table, resting her chin on her folded arms, her hidden fingers gripping the table's edge as she fought to ignore the irrational longing that unsettled her. She didn't look at me, I didn't look at her. But It didn't help. Desire to touch her was so strong that I fought with it every momen. I was suddenly positive that she wanted me to touch her. She felt this dangerous desire just as I did. Again.
She didn't move all through the hour, holding her stiff, controlled pose as I held mine.
The hour passed - slowly, and yet not slowly enough.
Finally, Mr. Banner turned the lights on again. The atmosphere of the room returned to normal. I was saw her dark full of questions eyes, but this time I didn't had answers for it. I could give everything if I could hear her thoughts this moment.
I stand up, time to gym. I smiled in my thoughts then I remembered how she likes this lesson.
- Shall we? - I asked. Bella noded her head.
We walked toward the gym in silence. The crease was in evidence between her yes, a sign that she was deep in though. I, too, was thinking deeply. Bella turned to face me at the gym's door like yesterday. She hoped for something? She wanted to tell me something? In her gaze flashed something that I couldn't understand it in time, something very familiar... and I couldn't control myself again. I looked at myself in the reflection of her eyes then I touched her again. She didn't speak.
I forced myself to turn, to move away from her. It was so difficult, it was so hurt....
I let my mind linger behind to watch her as I walked swiftly away, almost running from the temptation. Today Mike Newton's thoughts was worthless. He didn't see her almost, didn't speak with her. He was still angry about their squabble. I felt happy that he stayed away from her.
The next Ms. Golf lesson Emmet couldn't agree with me, because I was so deep in that, that I didn't let go Bella from my sight.
Emmet muttered something and rolling his eyes . '' As you like.'' he thought.
'' Who are you, Edward Cullen? and what hell are you doing? You still the same Edward?'' He wanted my answer, but I didn't know who I was now. It seemed that I didn't know any answer in any question.
My family didn't understand me, except tree that there almost on my side: Alice, Carlisle and Esme, but even in their thoughts, I could heard disapprobation sometimes. But now it had no matter anymore. For this girl I could sacrifice everything and refuse anything.... even I could lay down my life, I wouldn't think about my life just even she living.
My family understood that and they scared about it. I couldn't accuse they for it.
When lesson finally fineshed I upon through the door. Maybe more faster like a human, but now I didn't worried about it, I wanted to see her again. It was like dependent, I was dependent from her. I heard just in time Emmett's irritated thoughts : ''Hell! Could you control yourself?''
I was stand at the door then Bella appeared.She made out the door, like she was hurred somewhere. Would I expected that she hurred to me? When she saw me standing there, smile spreading across her face. This was most beautiful smile that I ever saw.
I wanted to know about her so much, more then I ever knew.This was important for me almost like my life.
How she was living in Phoenix? How she spend her free time? Did she had a lot of friends? What she missed the most? Did she want come back to Phoenix?I questioned her again and again, but it still was not enought for me. Finally I knew something about her. Just a little part of everything.
We sat in front of Charlie's house for hours, as the sky darkened and rain plummeted around us. In my head was still a hundreds questions which I wanted to ask her, but suddenly I heard when her father will come back.
- Are you finished? - she asked then I paused.
- Not even close, - I smiled. - But your father will be home soon.
- Charlie! - she looked out at the rain - darkened sky, she would expect to see him, but he still was so far for her ear and eyes.
- How late is it?- she asked surprised and glanced at the clock.
She had lost sense of the time like me. I was happy for this though. She didn't count the time when she was with me, I already noticed this long time ago.
I looked at the western horizon. Twilight. Sunset was so enchanting.
- Twilight. - I murmured, I didn't realise that I said these words out loud, they just came out of my mouth.
I thought did she realise who I was? What monster I am? Did she realise that I was build to kill? Did she understand that I was a fatal danger for her? She's a human. I am a predator. I was build to hunting a humans, like she. This was a part of my existence with which I fight every single day almost seventy years.
I understood that she was waiting for my explanation, she didn't understand sense of my words.
- It's the safest time of day for us. - I said, answering the unspoken question in her eyes.When I was... another, when I was a vampire, reall sense of this word,exactly in twilight for me there was the easiest not to hunt, in that time I almost sent what was all over there... I shake myself from memories. - The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way... the end of another day, the return of the night. - how unfortunate,I could control myself until the time then night return... I didn't want to remembered who I was. - Darkness is so predictable, don't you think? - suddenly, I felt keen thirst again, thirst burned through my throat like fire again, my innate instincts will never abandom me, even how hard I would fight with them.
- I like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars, - she frowned. - Not that you see them here much.
I laughed. Oh, yes she still missed the Phoenix.
I heard Charlie again. He was close and fast approached.
- Charlie will be here in a few minutes. So, unless you want to tell him that you''ll be with me Saturday.... - I knew perfectly she didn't want. I didn't understood her. If you planned all day spend with vampire, necessary that although one person should knew about that.
I heaved. She just so stubborn.
- Thanks, but no thanks.- she just proved my words.- So is it my turn tomorrow, then?
'' No, Bella, no way. I still not knew about you enough.''
- Certainly not! - she not get rid me so easy. - I told you I wasn't done, didn't I?
- What more is there?
'' When I knew about you everything.''
- You''ll find out tomorrow.
One more day to know her. Perfect. But now she should go inside if she didn't want that Charlie see her in my company. But she was still siting in her place. '' Maybe she need a help.'' I though and reached across to open her door.
Suddenly, the smell hit me. It wasn't Bella's smell. It was worse.It was hundred times worse.
In one moment in me started to function all the instincts of self- preservation. My every muscle strained. Over slightly part of the moment I was ready for the fight.
- Not good.
- What is it?
I tried to control myself. I didn't want to afraid her, I didn't want that she will see me when I was such as that.
I glanced at her, she wasn't be scared.
- Another complication. - I murmured, I couldn't explained this to her. I should go away from here. Right now.
I open her door in one swift movement, silently prayed that she go inside right now, that she wouldn't understand what wrong with me.
They was around the corner. I wouldn't be in time. I had to warn Bella and for God go away from here!
- Charlie's around the corner, - I said.
Finally Bella go inside in the rain.
He also felt me. He smelled my scent. I was staring at him, fighting with myself, fightig with a desire to killed him. Killed him right now.
I SHOULD go away from here. I hit the gas, '' Volvo'' rushed in front.


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