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You can post all what you think the Midnight Sun cover should be.

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i dont have a pic but i think it should be the night sky with a shooting star flying across it :P
idk if its good it just what i think it should be :)
that would be good because where Edward sez his world was like a moonless night until Bella shot aacross it like a meteor and his world was full of beauty my heart melted when he said that
ya thats what i was thinking of :)
Okay, the cover wuldnt be blue becuase it wouldn't goalong with the color scheme hatis red, wite and black NO BLUE!!
I don`t have a picture, but I thinkl that it should be green and blue and have a lake with the shiny stars and a moon and sun connceted
i think the cover should have stary night above a lake with a sun in the sky. they could make it look more realistic than how i am describing it but, it would be very intresting and would go with the title.
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it really doesnt matter what the cover looks like its all about what she wrote inside, but look we loved the covers of the other books so lets see what this one turns out to be, i know the waiting is killing me to. we should focus on remembering those famous words in twilight that get me going everyday" where else would i go, you are my life."
i think it also should be the last one. (:
noo, the blue cover one actually, lmao. (:
i think it should be the blue cover one but i agree that it shouldnt be blue cuz it doesnt go along with the twilight theme on the covers of the other books! this is a book about vampires it should have red in the cover def!! mostly because he explains sooo well how he wants to kill bella in the beging it is crazy


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