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Hi everyone


in getting utterly depressed for the breaking dawn movies being finished and the end of this saga looming, it just got me thinking that-- when and if midnight sun is finished, will there be a movie? will we see all the actors together again for this?

after reading twilight for the 3rd time and then seeing the movie, it really left me very dissapointed how much was left out.  wouldnt it be great for this part of the story to be redeemed with midnight sun??


your thoughts???

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I really dont think so, I mean Midnight Sun is a rewrite of Twilingt just in Edwards POV so making a movie of Midnight Sun would almost be like Twilight, with maybe a few changes yes but in the end it all has the same plots and events
maybe so, but from reading the midnight sun draft, it is a completely different set of expericences.  More into what happens behind the scenes that we are shown from bella.  In the movie as it stands, edward is often angry and its hard to understand why--- specially since he's not that way in the book--- 
True but if you realized it was never action it was what was happening inside his head. If they make a movie it is more based on the physical events than the mental events, so if it is made into one it will have the same plots.. i dont know if im being clear lol

Anything's possible, but I'd say that there is about less than a 1% chance of that happening. Movies are different from books. A lot of the time, a movie isn't told in one certain perspective. If they made midnight sun a movie, it would mostly be the same thing. and maybe a few minor changes.


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