The Twilight Saga

Omg, I was searching around Twilight, and this picture of Taylor Lautner and the girl... the girl is the official Renesmee!

It's attached.

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awh, shes sooooo cute and looks like she would be a good Renesmee. ( L )
Yeah she does! I wonder what she'll look like when she's younger or older. Hmm...
i like her but emily browning is PERFECT
do u know how age she is?
aww they are so cute together
ummm...shes taylors little sister in a tv show called MY OWN WORST ENEMY
im not saying she isnt renesmee or anything cuz she looks perfect for a renesmee
if you read Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, Renesmee is much like Claudia... the vampire girl Louis and Lestat created.
She's pretty. and she looks a lot like Kristen's daughter..:-p
i dont thinks thats her. she dosent even have Bronze, curly hair. she looks ok but i dont thinks thats her. the pic thing i have for my name i like better she a little girl and looks like them both.
holy cow!! finaly I got to see what Renesemee looks like!! thank you:)


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