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Just  FYI the topic: Should the movie "Midnight Sun" part 1*  be produced now, from the rough draft! And if so, should it be produced before or after the movie "Bree Tanner" ? Or would it be better to possably never make the movie. Or produce it later with different lead actors?
The debate is going on at the "Official "Twilight Book" dicussions. Since You like us LOVE "the "SUN" we would appreciate knowing your opinion. Why not click on this url and give us your opinion.
* Breaking dawn is being divided into two parts to make two movies each with almost the same amount of material which is in the "Sun's" draft
This question is hypothetical

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not sure a movie needs to be made. The book Most Certainly does (I hope I hope) but I feel the movies are for a wider audience not as familiar with the books, and may be a bit of oversaturation for those who are not completely obsessed. Thankfully there are enough people completely obsessed that the Lovely Ms. M. could write Bella and Edward for the rest of her life if she so chose, but I think a MS movie would be overkill.
i agree the movie would be pushing it for the non-twihearters out there...

You make excellent points. Thank You Doc

After Stephanie Meyer wrote "New Moon" (because of an error by the publisher "some copies" were prematurely released) A librarian who received a copy, felt that it was her responsibility to release critical portions of the novel onto the Internet. Stephanie was "crushed." "The hate mail just wouldn't stop. I wept for two days, she said."

As she was working on "Eclipse" she sent a preliminary copy to one of her sisters. That sister loaned it to a second sister, who had a friend who made copies of it for her friends. When she learned what had happened Stephanie sent out a note. "I HAVE MADE A PLEDGE TO GOD, THAT IF EVERY SINGLE COPY OF ECLIPSE IS NOT RETURNED, I WILL NEVER WRITE A SINGLE WORD OF "TWILIGHT SAGA" MATERIAL AGAIN! Every copy was returned.

In an interview Stephanie said. I did loan out copies of my working draft of "Midnight Sun." But since I was continuing to work on the story, as I did, small changes were present in each copy that I loaned out. Because of that, I know exactly who had the copy that was released via the Internet. Since no one has ever said who released the "draft." I have always presumed that it was a family members copy that was released. I don't know if Stephanie made another oath to God about "Midnight Sun,." or if her previous oath to her God, covered future novels, but if she did, the movie Midnight Sun won't be made until she passes away. Which I pray won't be for at least for another 60 years.
Dear Janis: Thank you for your opinion I will include it in the discussion for the others to see, Doc
i dont think MS should be produced now, since the book itself is not yet finished. In any case,if the Midnight sun book will be publish( i hope soon), it is definitely should be another twilight movie..

what they need to do, is to start already the " breaking dawn", since it will be divided in to 2 movies. I mean I dont want to wait another year for the 2nd movie before i can watch it. Hopefully, they can somewhat, include. all the details in the book.
Dear doc B,

I think, It's not necessary to make the Midnightsaun a movie...twilight is need...
I think..



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