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Ok this is how i feel about Steph...and this is just my opinion. I feel like yea its messed up someone leaked her book. But it's not the end of the world. For those of us, who waited patiently (annoying LOL) but patiently for each book and now every movie; its a slap in the face not to come out with MS. Because seriously, ok it was leaked and it was your master piece but honestly i considered it a teaser like her movies. Just a preveiw.  At the end of the day, i'm still gonna buy still gonna buy it and so on and so forth. I don't think she doesn't care but i do feel she not taking into consideration how we all love this saga and her for her wonderful imagination.


But i will give her this, she's smart. When MS is finally released she's gonna out sale HARRY POTER and any other supernatural sagas. Momma gonna get bank. LOL. So, it all business. It sucks but it is the way of the game. (sigh) I really want that damn book to come out. LOL.

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Tell me about it.
I can see both sides -the fans and Stephs- and to be honest, I would honsetly rather have the book left a secret and never be revealed Edwards mind than read some pathetic version that rates a 3 on a scale of 1-10.
Stephenie does need a break -like ShannonP said- but give up on it completely? I mean, really? Right as the mvies are finally starting, and everyone is hyped up on Twilight now more than ever? I understand her side, but I mean come on!
I'll wait for the rest of my short and miserable life if I have to for that book to come out. I'll be in love with The World Of Twilight and edward and Alice and Jacob and Jasper and Emmett and Rosalie and Carlisle and Esme and Sam and Jared and Embry and Collin and Seth and Leah and Paul and Quil and Brady and Aro and Jane and Marcus and Cauis and Renata and Didyme and Sylpicia and Demetri and Felix and Alec and Heidi and Sasha and Tanya and Irina and Zafrina and Kachiri and Senna and Eleazer and Carmen and Kate and Sarah and Sasha and Vasilii and Amun and Kebi and Benjamin and Tia and Maggie and Siobhan and Liam and Renesmee and Nettie and Lucy and Maria and Benito and Stefan and Vladimir and Athenodora and Chelsea and Afton and Corin and Santiago and Garrett and James and Victoria and Laurent and Mary and Peter and Charlotte and Randall and Alistair and Charles and Makenna and Charlie and Billy and Mike and Tyler and Jessica and Angela and Mr. Molina and J. Jenks and Ms. Newton and even the irritating martyr, Bella, and everyone that has ever helped the twilight series become what it is today forever no matter what she decides, and I'm sure at least 90% of the fans on this site will be too.
But if she doesn't finish it, it's gonna be so heartbreaking!! :(

i agree with the part about business but i wish she doesn't wait for too long because "some" people might "outgrow" the story or maybe just loose interest! so i wish she doesn't take MS's success for granted!!

but honestly i can't wait for that damn story to be finished!!! LOL

that book is finished. she's just waiting for the write time to release it. she better not wait too long.
I agree that it sucks but I don't see why she is so overly depressed for almost 2 years now. It happens to everyone at least once. you are famous and people want to make money off you. Yes it does suck but it's not the end of the world. :/ I feel like i've waited too long and now I'm honestly a J.K. Rowling Fan. But thats what happens when and author can't see to pursue. People lose interest. :p

I disagree. As a writer it is kind of disappointing when someone leaks your book to everyone. She doesn't feel motivated to write it anymore because fans have already seen some of it, and won't be as excited for it. When you write stories you can't just force yourself to write to please the fans- you have to write because you want to write. So, unfortunately, impatient fans will have to wait.  And if she doesn't want to right now, we should respect that and not get annoyed at her.

For the love of all---how can you even say that she was just playing hard to get?

she love her characters (Edward and Bella especially), so why in the world

would she deprive them(Edward specifically) of speaking his thoughts?

Your friend;


I think Steph should take all the time she needs to write Midnight Sun. She's the author and decides what's gonna happen with the Twilight saga. But one thing that would be really nice to us (the fans) is that she would at least announce whether it will ever be released or not.

I agree with you that you say when MS is released she's gonna out sale any other supernatrual saga. (Maybe that's even one reason why she's waiting.)

But the most important for me is that the fans will be able to read the hole story at some moment!


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