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Ok this is how i feel about Steph...and this is just my opinion. I feel like yea its messed up someone leaked her book. But it's not the end of the world. For those of us, who waited patiently (annoying LOL) but patiently for each book and now every movie; its a slap in the face not to come out with MS. Because seriously, ok it was leaked and it was your master piece but honestly i considered it a teaser like her movies. Just a preveiw.  At the end of the day, i'm still gonna buy still gonna buy it and so on and so forth. I don't think she doesn't care but i do feel she not taking into consideration how we all love this saga and her for her wonderful imagination.


But i will give her this, she's smart. When MS is finally released she's gonna out sale HARRY POTER and any other supernatural sagas. Momma gonna get bank. LOL. So, it all business. It sucks but it is the way of the game. (sigh) I really want that damn book to come out. LOL.

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I REALLY can't wait for it to come out. But i understand how steph feels.
I disagree. Perhaps it's because I'm a writer myself, but I completely understand that there is no way for Stephenie to force herself to sit down and focus on finishing Midnight Sun right now. She can't write it if her heart and mind aren't in it, and I wouldn't want her to try at this point because I think the book, when it's finished, deserves her full attention. Anything less than that and the quality of the book would suffer. I don't want a half-brained version that she forces out just to be done with the book.

I don't think she's trying to be unfair, but the lady is seriously busy with trying to be a mom and wife in addition to being very hands on in the movies, merchandising, and marketing end of the business that the saga has become. Not to mention that she's got another movie coming out based on her book The Host.

On top of all that, she has said that she needs a break from vampires. Can you blame her? Her whole life and the lives of her husband and kids have revolved around the saga and her busy schedule for the last several years. Add to that the fact that she can't go to the grocery store without someone asking her when she's going to finish Midnight Sun and maybe you can start to see things from her point of view? Give her a break. Her whole life has been centered on these books and pleasing her fans for a long time now. She deserves some time to focus on other things.
You are so right!
yes, maybe it's annoying that we, the crazed fans, have to wait so long for another book to come out,
but I undersnd Stephenie too, it bothers: you start to write a book, you have not finished him yet,
and already he is leaked into the internet - And I also want her to take her full concetration and focus
on the book when she's ready and finish him because she want to, not because she was forced by waiting fans.
i never said i didn't understand how she feels. I truely do. I just think it's all business and i really want to read that damn book. Steph my girl but i want that damn book. But i guess all good things come to those who wait.
I utterly and completely agree with you!!!!!!!!! Thank you! someone who see's the light lol
Lol.. Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel, is just an idiot with a lighter :P
:-D thats a good one lol
Thanx :P Not mine
i agree because i too am writing a book and at a stand still right now. And i understand the break and all, but i strictly feel it is a business aspect to it. Like she's making us wait b/c when it drop it's going to go so hard. She can say she tired of it but we all know that when that check come through the family going out for seafood and steaks. LOL.
I absolutely agree. I know how Steph feels. And even, though I'm also right about crazy with impatience, I'll wait two more years if I have to. We can't make her write a book by force.

I definitely agree with you...

We really should give her more time...



Quote for truth. It's just not that easy to sit down and write something. :I


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