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I don't know if this is true but i read an article saying that Meyer won't finish writing midnight sun until all the movies are done, and all the twilight talk dies down and everybody forgets about midnight sun.
That's what i read.

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i no when i read it i was like Whaaaaaaaaaa? Its not my fault one of her fans posted it online.
i know ibut if not at least shes still going to finish it
it was her friends friend that did it
shes suppose to publish it in 2012 or when new moon is out that what someone told me
You know what? I think Stephanie has a good reason to be mad and everything but seriously why is she making her fans wait? It's ridiculous I mean yeah sure, she's heartbroken or whatever but just because that happened doesn't mean anything. She's got the whole series that she could write in Edward's point of view but no. She's doesn't wanna finish it right now because some idiot posted it on the web. She can't let that stop her. She should think more about her fans and what her fans want. Not only what she wants. i can't understand what she's going through, but i understand enough to know that this thing that happened with the story is crap and she shouldn't let it stop her.
you're also forgeting the fact that Meyer posted 200 some pages online for her fans.
264 pages. AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN GET THE MEADOW SCENE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
She posted this after it got leaked and its only her rough draft, she said that the final copy won't be exactly like whats already there. She has a right to be upset that someone leaked that and as much as i don't want to give her time to finish it we have to accept it. I do hope she continues to finish it soon though I was disapointed when i read it to the end and it got all the way to right before the meadow scene and stopped *sniffles* lol
Who ever leaked Midnight Sun should be brouht to jane,kate,and a very lage group of newborn Vamps and than to jake and some1 else tel jake hes there to kill Nessie
I totally agree with you!!!
great plan!!
no...its not true. she posted on her blog that she is upset b/c her draft leaked she won't be continuing it for some time and when she feels better, she's gonna continue it. i hope she finishes it soon, though


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