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I don't know if this is true but i read an article saying that Meyer won't finish writing midnight sun until all the movies are done, and all the twilight talk dies down and everybody forgets about midnight sun.
That's what i read.

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Geussy what? The movies are going to be going like crazy. Eclipes is being filmed right now. And New Moon isn't fully finished yet. The actors and actresses playing them are a little to old to play them(Except Jacob, Taylor is young enough) So the movies will be done in some short time. Soon this book will be forgotten. Then it will be made! Yay. I bring joy to people with my knowlege.
I think she should just finish the dang book and let us read it. I want to see the movies but the books are more important sh should know that for heavens sake she's the author *yelling* she should just write the whole series in Edwards form 'cause everyones gonna want it. In New Moon she should have Edward meet a hipi who tells him the most important thing in the world is the person you love and that person is ypu're soal mate and you're guide.
Where did you guys all read it?
WHY??????????????? That`s not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(
if that was the case she will never finish it. It will be such a long time before the twilight talk dies down.


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