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How long do you think we'll have to wait to read Midnight Sun?

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It wouldn't surprise me much if we had to wait ten years from the date Twilight was published (April 12, 2005). However, I'm betting we won't see more than what is available on Stephenie's website until there is a movie remake in the works. That could be another ten or fifteen years.
I would like to Midnight Sun to alternate between Rosalie and Edward's POV. Seriously. I think it seeing what Edward's departure does to the family through her eyes would be amazing.

Actually, a prequel is the way to go. I think thy should do Edward's rebellious years, stalking psychos and cleaning up the streets. Maybe in seeing what that period of his life was like and then explore his parallel yet solitary existence with the Cullen clan, we could understand his actions in New Moon better. 


A little action adventure vampire world flick would be fun to see and of course I read everything Twilight. 

I haven't read the Midnight Sun release at all! It should be in Edward's and Alice's POV though maybe Esme's too!
Esme's POV... now that might be winner!

Midnight Sun.... Midnight Sun... Midnight Sun (hopes chanting might send creative vibes to Stephenie)

It's all up to Stephenie. I just hope we all get the chance to read Midnight Sun, just like Rob Pattinson did!!!


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