The Twilight Saga

What book do you think was the best?
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
The Host

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Yeah, me too. I have tried to read it, but found it quite difficult to do so . . . I think my favourite would be between Breaking Dawn and Twilight . . . I'm not sure though.
breaking Dawn is like my all time favorite!~!~! I've read them all like 5 times.. I couldn't really get into the Host I am plannin on readin it though!~!~!~!
I think I love all of them...
my favorite is New Moon!
I loved Twilight because it´s when they fall in love. I also adored Midnight Sun, does it count?
Breaking Dawn
Oh, it's this other book that Stephenie Meyer wrote, but it's not about Twilight or anything . . . apparently it's meant to be quite good once you can get into it.
the host is not like the twilight saga but it is still really good i've already read it and i loved it
idk.....maybe twilight and breaking dawn
new moon and eclipse
Breaking Dawn.i own ever book by SM and read the twilight saga at least 50 times each and the host bot 2 time relly couldnt get in to it. so i say Breaking Dawn.
new moon, then eclipse


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