The Twilight Saga

choose a famous person that would best suite Renesmee based on what we've read in the books about her.
what celebrity would look most like Edward and Bella put together, who would act best as Renesmee.
what celebrity would please you most as Renesmee.?
(the child and teenager Renesmee)
share it with us!!!

be honest. XD

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what do others think.?
my friends sister but she isnt famouse yet but one day willl
oh, nice.
I can't think of any kids that would be good. But as a teen maybe Hayden Pantierre as a teen would be good with a wig on (maybe) or maybe Miley Cyrus. Well, I don't know.
yeah i think Hayden because shes is heroes and knows how to act in these types of movies.
and is a very good role model.
don't know really?
she is pretty. she could totaly pull it off!:)
wooow, shes so pretty!
i think she could play the role.
she could look like them.

but can she act.?
yeah then she could defendantly play the role as renesmee.!!
um just lettin yall know that midnight su is twilight is edwards pov so renesmee will not be in it


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