The Twilight Saga

choose a famous person that would best suite Renesmee based on what we've read in the books about her.
what celebrity would look most like Edward and Bella put together, who would act best as Renesmee.
what celebrity would please you most as Renesmee.?
(the child and teenager Renesmee)
share it with us!!!

be honest. XD

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ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm idk
i think that she could.. work..
but she wouldent be my first pic.
i was just wondering.
idk for as a baby but i think emily browning would be nice as a teen. shes pretty with curls.
Emily Browning and Hayden Panatierre are okay but I was thinking Miley Cyrus. I always picture her as Renesmee!
yuck no way could that Hag be the beautiful Nessie oh no miley cyrus will sooo not play nessie as a teen
Emily Browning would make a great Renesemee as a teen:)
ok i know shes not a teenager or a little kid but i think noah cyrus would make a good renesmee
I think she would too:)
i also think emily browning would be good.
but im not to sure about miley cyrus.
she doesnt look to much like edward and bella.
but i think she could still play the role,
because she has acting experience and they could just change her looks to, look more like them.
but i think emily the most right now..
and i think noah cyrus could work also, but is definitely not my first pick..
ive seen better..
but shes so cute.


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