The Twilight Saga

choose a famous person that would best suite Renesmee based on what we've read in the books about her.
what celebrity would look most like Edward and Bella put together, who would act best as Renesmee.
what celebrity would please you most as Renesmee.?
(the child and teenager Renesmee)
share it with us!!!

be honest. XD

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I have no idea! NO one I guess. I mean I want a Renesmee but eho would fit. No one fits our imagination
ok, im like, in gr.8
and like in my brothes elementery school, there is a soooooooo
cute girl. all we need to do to her is add a little little little bit on white make up, dye her hair, and curl it! ta dddaaaaaaa
graicie lynn boarden
renesmee carlie cullen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayden Pantierre??????Renesmee? take a picture frum the internet of renesmee andone of her......
compare it.
nope.. i dont see it
where do you see renesmee in there......
those looks are relly hiding
Idk wh othis is and they might not be famous, but isn't this adorable?
maybe emma watson?
maybe nicole munoz look her up if u dont know her

Jodelle Ferland,I do not know what he looks like nowadays... :D
Omg, that is really hard. Idk who would b a good person to play Renesmee
mmm...I dont know...


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