The Twilight Saga

choose a famous person that would best suite Renesmee based on what we've read in the books about her.
what celebrity would look most like Edward and Bella put together, who would act best as Renesmee.
what celebrity would please you most as Renesmee.?
(the child and teenager Renesmee)
share it with us!!!

be honest. XD

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aha, i know!
i think shailene woodley would make a good renesmee.when her hair is curly,she can totally pass for her!
i totally agree. she is beautiful. she looks like a mix between bella and edward. curl her hair and you would have a little bit of charlie too!
how bout Emily Browning????????????????

awh, yeah i think she could play the role also.
2young 1s arent famou but emily browning (the oldst) is
i think the best so far is emily browning
I have no ideas for her as a baby. I would have said the girl who played the baby sister on that "Lemony Snicket's A series of unfortunate events" but shes probably not young enough for a baby...what do you think?
what about Sailene Woodly from The Secret Life of the American Teenager for an older Renesemee?
i think that either emily browning, Sailene Woodly and bella throrne
so far. XD
She's supposed to look, like, four years old!!!! ou guys have been reading WAAYY too much fanfic because there is no teenage looking Renesmee in the book
is it too much to hope for that there will be a little extra with nessie and jacob? when she is older and able to love him like the wolf he is?... cant a girl dream?...


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