The Twilight Saga

choose a famous person that would best suite Renesmee based on what we've read in the books about her.
what celebrity would look most like Edward and Bella put together, who would act best as Renesmee.
what celebrity would please you most as Renesmee.?
(the child and teenager Renesmee)
share it with us!!!

be honest. XD

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i like Emily Browning did she play violet in a series of unfortunate events????
yeah. she'd be perfect for teenage renesmee but the hard but is the baby. where can you find a newborn baby with teeth?
ahaha, i know it is hard.
i'm still thinking myself.
WOW! That's really hard... IDK
mmmm.....thats hard i havent thought of anyone
idk... maybe me?? JK. Here's a picture of who I think she should be: (not famous though)

idk either, but this little girl would make a really good Renesemee:)
yeah, i think she would be great as Renesmee.
but who would be her teenager revsion.? :P
would you guys think Hayden Panettiere (if you do not know of her, then search her up on google. :D )
would be a good Rensemee but they would have to change her hair colour or let her put a wig on,
because shes a great actress.
tell me what you think..
that would be good, but she seams a little too old. I would say Dakota Fanning, but she may be too old as well.....anyone aggree?
dakota fanning has been casted to play jane in new moon and im assuming the other movies so that wouldnt work really
lindsay lohan teenager


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