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I was just wondering at the reasons that made you guys love Midnight Sun so much!
i'd really like to know??

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Because it's Edward's point of view, it's awesome.
I read the first chapter of Midnight Sun from Stephenie Meyer's website and even though the published version will totally be more superior I ABSOLUTELY got captured by it from the very first sentence. His perspective is gripping, enchanting, BIG worded. Even though it's just Twilight in a different version, Midnight Sun makes you think "OMG did i miss that much??" theres soooooooo much behind the story than we kno I LUV MIDNIGHT SUN i just cant wait until the rest of it is released
Totally agree. I read Twilight and Midnight Sun in parallel, one chapter/sequence of the first and then the same one from the other and I must say it was awesome! Edward's view completes and explains the images, the feelings, the reactions. I can't wait for it to come out!
yes even thought Midnight sun is just Twilight from some other POV it feels like a totally other book! i loved it!!
I think its because every word Edward says is just somehow romantic . . . or sweet . . . you know what I mean? Maybe its just the way he looks at things . . . I really don't know! He has an interesting mind.
The twilight story by edwards perspective :D I'm a real courious people :))
What I like is that to me Edward is just a much more dynamic character than Bella and getting to see inside his head and know what he's thinking and feeling is incredibly interesting to me.
yeah Edward's pov is much more interesting than bella's wish stephanie is going to finish midnight sun soon! i can't wait!!
Because Of Edward Cullen.. Period
isk bout the midnight sun thing its new to me... is it the next book included from the twilight saga? like the n=book after breaking dawn? or...?
midnight sun is twilight re-written by stephanie from Edward's point of view if u want to take a look at it just go to this link:
unfortunatly it's not the book 5 after breaking dawn, it's just the "remix" of twilight!


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