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I was just wondering at the reasons that made you guys love Midnight Sun so much!
i'd really like to know??

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I loved it because you got to understand Edward's feelings more and you can see it from his point of view of things that happen and edward just fasinates me! :)
I loved Midnight Sun so much better than Twilight because it was just more interesting. To hear the way Edward describes
his first contact with "the girl" and his dry humor. PLUS I would far rather read about the life and happenings in the
Cullen household than what Bella is cooking for dinner. I can only imagine what that meadow scene was like sighhhhh
He lets everyone know how how truely fells for Bella.The thing is that he wants to be so close to her.He dont want to kill her.
that happens to me all the time...wondering what Edward could say or feel about some situation! it drives me crazy sometimes!
The think I loved about Midnight Sun was reading that Edward had all the same thought and feeling Bella had... It was just deeper proof that they belonged together... Edward thought Bella was to good for him because he was a "monster" and in Twilight you here Bella saying all the time that Edward is to good for her... I also liked when they talked about there smell... Bella loved Edwards smell and reading Midnight Sun it was the same for Edward!
great POV! i hadn't really made that analogy!!!
Edward. Just knowing the type of person he is and how he always over thinks every detail before makig one single step intrigued me. But it was truly the fact that Bella always had her own presumption of what was .. andmost of the tme you wanted his perspective on the sitation. A lot of events needed to be seen from his point of view to get a better understanding of them. So, in my opinion, Midinight Sun would be the best book of them all . :)
yeah! i'm sure it will definitly be worth waiting!
The short draft of midnight sun on-line, to me is a gift inspite of the situation. I read it and fell in love with it, also saved it so I can be in tuned with Edward's mind and body whenever I wish. Hey! call me edobsess, but I feel so connected with him in MS. I love MDSN so much, I feel so much compassion for this vamp boy, who struggles with this violent emotions, the true nature of the beast within.
His human life was taken through no fault of anyone, it's one of the casualities of nature, I found myself admiring a character who loved his family, who wanted to serve his country at such a tender age, and for the cruelty of death to come knocking, is one to slap the sweet life of humanity in the face. This young boy thought he was totally dead, only to discover he was a living dead who can't really live among the living without the risks of dangerous encounters.
Adjusting was one of frustration, anger, and rebellion. Settling in became another adjustment, the emotions of love companionship around him, he was all alone.
Midnight Sun will take us through it all, through the mind of Edward and we will feel his yearning. We wil bask in it and enjoy his journey of rough and smooth paths.
Gosh, I have no idea . . . I think it might be the way Edward views the world, and also, Edward's thoughts were always kind of a mystery to me, so i liked having a sense of how he thinks. And i like to see Bella through his eyes, ya know? The intense way he loves her and wants her to be safe . . . I wonder whet New Moon would be like in his point of view ? ? ?
What made me love midnight sun was Edwards P.O.V it's really good i read the unfinish story
Edward's POV is all I had to read to love it.


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