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I was just wondering at the reasons that made you guys love Midnight Sun so much!
i'd really like to know??

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I just love reading it from Edward's POV!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's really cool to see what he was thinking when everything happened!!

When I read the partial chapters on MS, then I understood what the vampire was battling with. The vibrations, the energy, and the power within him controlling at a level no human can. It made me develope a type of thirst to want more to read, and I hate the fact that I can't get hold of the rest of the novel.

Anyway, good things comes to those who wait, I guess. So I will wait!

yeah i totally understaind! there are so many parts of twilight i can't wait to read from edward's the meadow, the kiss, and most of all i really want to know what was going on insind his head after james tried to attack bella on the baseball field..and what it felt like beeing away from bella while she was in pheonix...etc


its really good to know exactly waht edward is feeling when he first meets bella
i particularly like the beginning where we see edward so arrogant and full of was a shocker but really added dimensions to his already complex character.  It helps to understand why he does what he did, where did he run off to for 3 days, how he fights the demons inside of him.... I honestly think i would like this book better than twilight itself!
I thought it was really interesting to get to read Twilight from Edward's perspective. It helped a lot of things make sense, like his first meeting with Bella and the initial bloodlust he felt. It was also interesting to hear his thoughts on Bella, to know that he fell in love with her just as much as she fell in love with him. And of course, more scenes with Emmett are always appreciated. ;3


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