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I was just wondering at the reasons that made you guys love Midnight Sun so much!
i'd really like to know??

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It´s just that Edward is an enchanting man and to imagine Rob Patz saying those lines... it´s great to think about him.
I agree with Michelle, but it's also interesting to see all events from his perspective.
I don't really know. The words Edward uses-they just are so lovely. And Edward fasinates me as a character
yes me too, i'm fascinated by his charachter! i'd love to read the whole series from his perspective!
It's in Edward's point of view and i think that the curiousity of what he was going through during twilight makes people like it so much.
its well writen and its all about edwardlol
Edward is a very conflicted person which i think makes me like ti so much... i have read all four books but when i read the first 12 chapters of midnight sun it made me wounder if he could really control himself and not kill bella!! like even though i knew he didnt Stephanie is Such an AMAZING writer like i love hwer books they just make you forget everything when your reading and focus in on the book. Edward thinks so much more then Bella he has a lot more going on then her an this book is much more fascinating
i agree! stephanie is just amazingly talented! she just makes us dive into wonderful worlds of hers !! love her!
i will have to say that whai makes me love the draft is Edward's mind , it's just so complex ,all the collection of feelings that he developes in that few pages are so strong,it goes from hate to revulsion for himself ,that's an emotional rollercoaster that just makes you crave for more and if you complete that whit the picture of Rob,well i have no words to describe that.Can you imagine how he describe the moment when he kisses Bella,that just thrill me,i've actually pray for read that some day.
yes ! i can't wait for that part to come! i've immagined it in so may different ways but i'm sure that stephanie will just make it amazing as she always does!!!
and about what you said about edward's feelinfgs, my favorite part was when he figures out he is actually in love with bella! when suddenly he understood all the wierd feelings and reaction he was having! that was so sweeeeeeeet!!!
I've never heard one of the books in Edwards point of veiw before so I don't know what to expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I can't wait because Edward is just so enchanting its hard not to read the Twilight Saga again adn again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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