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Who else loved that part of the movie??!!

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i luved it 2 it was so like AWESOME
OMG!! that is my fav part after the baseball game scene. LOL.
me..., was awesome...!!!!!!!
me three, it was super cool and payback after in the book he tried to suck her blood when she was human
me to my fave part was when edward was thiking of them in the meadow and stuff with the snow and stuff you know!!
totally. i mean thats when you really get to see the connection with edward and bella. i luv the fight scene. i can barely see that part kind of.
ya that was awesome! and the part where james makes a face to edward rite b4 he bit bella he was like "since u pushed me im gunna eat ur girlfriend! mwah ha ha ha!" that was hilarious. and i didnt kno alice could do that i mean shes like WAY diff frm that.
I also love that scene in the movie! It's important to have strong female characters in movies (and books) that are also intelligent , and kick-***. . And Alice certainly is.
i did totally
It was kind of gross, but still really cool!
Oh my god!That was so awesome!To see someone as small and petite as Alice literally rip someone's head off was so cool!


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