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Should Alice be married to Jasper Hale or are they to alike or diffrent tell us what name should she have and why you would think that!

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Alice and Jazz are married... but still, I think they're both Cullen
i think techniclly she's a hale. but since there both cullen's she's a cullen
no he's hale its only on th movie hes cullen
i tink.... wther she is a Hale or Cullen,it really doesnt matter to me as i luv her as wat she is in e character & i tink nuthin change dat... i tink ppl here will prefer her to be e Cullen instead of Hale..izzin it..?
thats true! i agree with you... who really cares if shes a Cullen or a Hale???
i argee too who cares what matter is that her and jasper are the cutest couple ever
well. they are married, ish. lol.

but alice should be a cullen and jasper is a hale. jasper and rose are supposed to be twins, and they took on her madien name which is hale.

if alice was a hale, then she and jasper couldn't be "together" in public because that would be insest.
Technically, she at first was a Cullen then when she met Jasper...she shortly became a Hale. Just like Rosalie and Emmett. Also it seems like the Hales are more agressive then the Cullens. I don't see Alice as being aggresive.. you know her always reminding Jasper "you won't hurt Bella!!!"
I know this is weird, because they are, but i just can' t picture alice married! I mean, i could picture her with a boyfriend easy but married............. so i guess i think she should be a cullen.
ok here's the thing, jasper hale is married to alice brandon, which makes her alice brandon-hale, right??
but they were BOTH adopted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen, so.. they are both Cullens now!! hehe..
Wow Hale was just the "public" name for Jasper and Rosalie, because they are both blonde. They are all cullens, but if they were going with Jasper's human last name, it would be Whitlock.
I think Alice should be a Cullen because all the Cullens are Super pretty and she and Jasper couldn't have been together think of the rumors that Jessica could start " Did you hear Alice Cullen is dating her brother"that would be weird.


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