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Should Alice be married to Jasper Hale or are they to alike or diffrent tell us what name should she have and why you would think that!

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In Forks for now she would be a Cullen not a Hale because she is not supposed to be married. Officaly i guess she would be Alice Whitlock or Alice Brandon if she kept her maiden name but she goes by Cullen throughout the series.

God that sounds like an essay! Anyway Alice Rules!!!!!!!!!!!
A Cullen DUH!!!! Didn't they "adopt" everyone so that means Jasper is a Cullen so that means Alice is a Cullen


i think she should be a heal but  dont relly care jalice

technically- she's nethier!!!

Jasper's real surname is Whitlock- they call him Hale to match the story that he and Rosalie are foster kids and they're really siblings. they call Alice a Cullen because no one can know they're married- they're supposedly 17 or something when they came to forks- they can't be married!!!!!!

thats some cool pics!

I think they don't really care. They just love each other and that's the important thing. And if she changed her name it would be a problem cause when they move, the bonds between each other change to make sure they they're not noticed to much by humans. example: Carlisle is Edwards father but when they move he can be his uncle or something. I read this in a book so don't kill me :p But they're married so I would choose 4 Hale but they're technically both cullen so.... It's complicated.

i agree 100% it just fits

i think alice should be a cullen and jasper should be cullen cause it just sounds better that way

Duh she's married to him! She should be a Hale.... or even Whitlock if you wanted to be proper ;)


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