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I did but I want to knoe your point of view's

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omg!! i screamed yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy and my mum came running 2 c wot woz up lol
are you kidding me?!?!?
i practically started crying when she came back in New Moon and Breaking Dawn...i also practically jumped out of my seat and started clapping and laughing....
well I really was excited... I was very happy to see her speak again. To know that she came back. It was like I really missed her..
chyaaa ! (: i thought i was gonna scream i was like of course she came back first to check on bella :D and i missed her so much and her funny little remarks (((:
Iwas practically jumping in my seat and could barely read because of the tears streaming down my face.
of course..... i was thinking.. "whr does alice go...?"
when Edward left i looked @ the chapters & saw "visitor."
I was excited cuz i thought it would be Edward! So i was a bit disappointed when it was Alice, but it was as good as!!
I scremed so loudly that my dad thought I was being murdered or something.
I love alice so much!!! I cried for ages when I thought she'd left in Breaking Dawn. It was like 2am when I read the part where she comes back so i couldn't really screm, though I wanted to soooo badly!!!!
it was like that little part of me inside suddenly came to life! i got over excited and ran into my wall on my way to screaming around the house 'alice is back!' same thing for breaking dawn! =D
I was so excited. It's like she came along with sunshine >.<. I was basicly crying.
yeah i got so excited it made the book more exciting for me
I was sooo happy I screamed then I cryed. I felt hope when Alice came back idky I just did. ;)


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