The Twilight Saga

I did but I want to knoe your point of view's

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I pretty much started crying. Same when she came back in Breaking Dawn.
who would not be excited...

it's like a new beginning...

it's been so long and then she'll just appear...

it was so amazing !
life came back to me :)
I thought it'd been Victoria at first. =-= But when it was Alice i was like Yeah~
I did.

I was excited in Breaking Dawn too.

I was like "Alice?Yay!"
I got a bit suspicious when they made Alice leave though :\
oh yeah I cant wait to see more of her!!!
i was so happy that i almost cried
Giddy doesn't even start to cover how excited I was when Alice came back. Ditto to Breaking Dawn. You had to have faith that she was doing something very important to leave in BD :o)
i nearly fell down from where i was seated..:) beacause of excitement!! haha!!
I was soo happy and excited when she came back!!! I was like YAY!!!!! lol
i got so excited it made the book for me


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