The Twilight Saga

Hmmm...I am not too sure which one mine is...maybe, Try not to trip. We don’t have time for a concussion today. or,You worry too much, Bella. You’re going to go prematurely gray.
All I know is that I love Alice! Sometimes i just want to pop into the book and hug her!

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my favorite line from Alice would probably be "I've never seen someone so prone to life threatening IDIOCY". haha i absolutely love that one!!!!!!!!
i love that one!!! but i kinda like anything that alice says, other than edward, alice is defantly my fav!!!!!!! yall should all join the alice fan club
My fave line would be in BD
"I don't think so, You're not good an actress!" and "Speaking of Italy and sports cars that I stole there you still owe me a yellow porshe!" I love all of Alice's lines but I cpould remember these the best!!!!! Lol GO TEAM ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)
shes going in 2 hysterics maybe we should slap her
i like when she says to bella.:now go play with edward".she's so funny*giggle*
I like the one......"I think shes having hysterics maybe you should slap her." haha Alice is hilarious!!!!
i cant choose they're all soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
Some of my favourite lines are "Look at you!, you need me to show you how to use your closet" haha that one cracked me up cuz it was so typical for her to say that and becuz we all knw how she hates bella's fashion and wishes she could dress her!!! i have more but i would be here most of the nite to write them all dwn!
we all love u Alice!!
bella dont you love me
When she begged Bella.
MIne is when she is talking to Bella in New Moon and she said, "How opposed are you to Grand Theft Auto"??
I like "Oh give her some cridet, you would want a look too."


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