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hey guys look! i just found out that im a JASPER type.. maybe that's y i love ALICE so much!!
haha!! but please note that i'm not a lesbian DANG!!
harhar..well.. check yours too and post it here..

here's mine..;

What member of the Cullen family are you?

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have u tried it?

What member of the Cullen family are you?

he he he who would know.... I'm the head of the family....
wow!! awesome.. XD
you are so damn great!! i wana be alice too :((
i believe i am more of alice ba;)

i love to shop and always still cheerful even when things really doesn't turn up well. But i believe that things will soon be better;)

Go alice!
yup.. GO ALICE!! i do love her!!
I took a quiz in a magazine and it said that I was like Alice!! (Not even joking - I swear on my life)

What member of the Cullen family are you?

In this one I'm Jasper, but I took like a 3 different test and in every one I'm someone else.... weird...
When i take quizzes i'm normally Edward..hehe but at school all my friends have starting calling me Bella..i dont think i look anything like her...and it annoys me
But you can be the judge of that..
im a mix of every 1, exept Emmett! P.S i lov ALICE !!!!!!!!!!!! shes so kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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