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hey guys look! i just found out that im a JASPER type.. maybe that's y i love ALICE so much!!
haha!! but please note that i'm not a lesbian DANG!!
harhar..well.. check yours too and post it here..

here's mine..;

What member of the Cullen family are you?

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ahm y dont u try? it's fun!
hm...i've just tried to do it... but they didn't give me the answer:-s snif
how did that happen? maybe they can't calculate it.. have u tried it again?
no, but i will;-)
ok, go for it! XD it's exciting!!!
i tried it again, but it didn't work out;-s
maybe i try a little later at home...
have a nice day;-)
ok ok.. leave a message for me in case you need my help.. =)
have a nice day too!!
keep smiling!
You have to scroll up
I thought I didn't get an answer cuz the screen just went blank, but then I scrolled up and it said
wat did it say? yup scroll it up..
I couldn't find that game at that site, but I found this that was kinda cool

There are more pics and different dolls at the site.
yup, i saw that one too..
they are really cute.. hehe XD
if you cant find it it is located at the fun and test something.. just click it..


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