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I do!that would be awesome!cuz in the saga it doesn't reallly explain it with detailes about alice an jasper before becoming part of the cullen clan....
i would love that!imagine,a book set on alice and jasper's life before becoming part of the cullen family

leave your opinion!!!

(sorry !my english sucks T.T)

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i like it..
i want alice story, i want to know her story how she became a vampire and her life before it.. and ofcourse jasper
that would be amazing!
very good idea!!
thanks n_n
ME !!!!!!!!!!! That would be soooooooooo awesome !
that would so beast!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!=)=)=]
i do that would be awesowe!!! and a movie of course because i dont even remember them saying anything about jasper's power in the movie
I think a story based on Alice's life, from her birth as a human all the way thru the events of Breaking Dawn and even beyond would make for a great series of books. But because of Alice's past, there are some possible technical difficulties that will definitely shape how the story can be told. What I mean is, Alice's ability to foresee the future is mentioned as the reason she was committed to an insane asylum but I don't think its as simple as that. At first, lets just deal with idea that she had visions of the future. Its not so much that she had visions that got her locked away, it is the fact that she told people she had visions. If you have visions of the future and don't tell anyone "Hey, I can see what's going to happen next week," then you will probably wind up living in a mansion. The problem is when you try and convince other people that you can see the future. That's when you get locked up. If that's the only "mental health" issue that Alice had then a story about her won't be so difficult but since she simply has no memory of her life before becoming a vamp, I suspect that she had other mental problems as well. If she had other issues that often are found in those who claim to see the future or have the future told to them by voices in their head like schizophrenia or delusional paranoia then her story becomes more complex and much more difficult to tell: the life-story of someone who is truly a paranoid, schizophrenic is extremely hard to tell from the first person point of view. You almost have to tell the story from the third person in order for it to make any sense. One of the things that I liked so much about the Twilight books was that the story of Bella was told by Bella. If the same kind of treatment can't be done to Alice's history then I am not so sure that I would like it as much.

There are a number of different ways to deal with the problem of Alice being crazy as a human. Her pre-vamp history could be explained by having vamp-Alice relentlessly piecing together her history in an attempt to figure out why she is who she is. This could be done thru a series of different story arcs where Alice either talks to people who knew her or is able to unearth documents with each story arc resulting in her learning something significant about her 19 years prior to being turned. Another way to address things would be to use a plot device like a journal or diary. Alice's medical history would be a great way to introduce her past. Specifics in the doctor's notes could act like a breadcrumb trail for Alice to follow until she found out just what really happened leading up to her becoming a vampire. We might even find out that James was hunting her reasons much more complex than simple thirst.

Regardless of how it is done, Alice's life story would be a fantastic set of stories. I can only hope that Stephanie Meyer returns to the world of Twilight and uses her excellent skills to tell us all about Alice, both past, present and future.
Very well written, a joy to read thankyou
So true.... so very true...
I always thought that stories that are told from the main character point of perspective are more fun to read then the one told by the narrator all the way through...
... Thought stories when the narrator argues with the characters are funny =P
Yeah that would be awesome! I bet someone has wrote a story about that in the fan fiction group :)
yeah . it would be really sweet.


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