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I do!that would be awesome!cuz in the saga it doesn't reallly explain it with detailes about alice an jasper before becoming part of the cullen clan....
i would love that!imagine,a book set on alice and jasper's life before becoming part of the cullen family

leave your opinion!!!

(sorry !my english sucks T.T)

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that would be so awesome! I think alot of people would want to hear more about Jasper and Alice's relationship and how it developed (besides the part about how they met in a diner and went to find the Cullens)
I think that would be brillant. I was on wiki a few days ago (I'm a complete nerd when it comes to facts) and I found this Twilight page. It has every one of the Cullens stories. How they became a vampire and a little of their life before. I was literally up all night reading it. Link >>>>
There you can type in any one of the Cullens names and get their full story.
i think that another book on anyone would surely benefit the fan base. i would love to read anyone's story. my only problem with the books now is that they are through bellas pov. i personally dislike bella.
I think stephenie should write 1...............plez.
i dont think there should because then that would just throw everyone off
i would love that....i love both alice and jasper...
GREAT IDEA! Just a book in one of there points of view would be great!
I like the idea. Alot of what everyone is saying. We really don't get a depth of anyones story, we get minor flashbacks but nothing else. I think a book based on Alice and Jasper would be good. I think readers would like to know a more indepth on how they were before one another and how they became to love.
I like the Idea... I would like to see how Alice was before she met Jasper and the Cullens and if they have had an impact on her life. I would also just like to read it cause Alice's character is so warm and bubbly I think I'd read the book just to make me smile :)
I agree!!!!
Agree to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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