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CALLING ALL OTAKU AND FUJOSHI!!! Name the fandoms, pairings and why (I'll love ya forever if you post a pic, too.)

Feel free to flail together and discuss... just no fights please??


My biggest ships (Will add pics later... I'm a lazy, lazy Venomania.):

Sunao/Sora from Sukisho.  my one and only cannon ship!  (Err probably not my ONLY but whatever.  I usually hate cannon.)  These two have been through so much together and totally deserved their cute happy ending.


Ulquiorra/Inoue from Bleach I'm one of few people who actually LIKE Inoue.  He discovered his human heart because of her!! And she was... its just... augh! *tear* WHY DID YOU KILL MY ULQUIBABY, KUBO-SENSEI?!


Aizen/Hinamori from Bleach.  I don't have many Bleach pairings. Only two more after this, I swear.  But anyway, we all know she loved him.  And I think, in a secretive, closed off part of his mind, he had an affection for her, too.  But he was so crazed for his goal, and caught up, that I think he lost sight of who "Sosuke" was and became only what "Aizen" the lord of Hueco Mundo should be according to him. I think, now that he's reflecting in his cell, it's possible he may even feel some form of regret.  Maybe "Captain Aizen" exists, just a little bit and would still "always have time" for Momo <3  If you can't tell... it's an OTP of mine.


Ichigo/Ishida from Bleach... I know I'm gunna get FLAMED to death for this by IchiRuki, IchiHime, RenIchi, etc shippers... But I honestsly REALLY like it. Okay?  They've got an adorable rivalry!


Gin/Matsumoto from Bleach.  How can they NOT be together?  After he *spoiler* betrayed everything for her! A-and she ... she just... *cries*


L/Light from Death Note.  Who doesn't ship this? REALLY?  Do I even need to list why?


Matt/Mello from Death Note.  Mels. Felt. Sad. Because. Mattie. Died.  Proof enough.


Zero/Yuki from Vampire Knight. Kaname can go die.  So there.


Roy/Riza from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood... Because Roy totally loves her.  And needs a babysitter.


Ling/LanFan from FMA Brotherhood because she totally loves him and a true king knows where his heart lies.


Death The Kid/Soul from Soul Eater... So I have a crackship... sue me!


I have more... I know I do... I'mforgetting some... GRRR.  Anyway, post yours!

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Lets start in alphabetical order... [warning many will be yaoi...]



 - Apollo x Silvia: Um the Cannon Parring? They are absolutly adoreable and rencarnated FOR each other, need I say more?



- Grimmjow x Orihime: GRIMMHIME FOR THEWIN! <3 Its just so cute with her innocence and his vulgarity. Not to mention that he actually seems to notice her and not dismiss her like every other girl (though this may be more because of aizen not the point.) He acutaly binds her hand with CLOTH before chaining her up THATS SUCH AN UN GRIMMJOW THING TO DO! But its still so cute~



- ... theres to many...



- L x Light: Haha TOTAL CANNON

- L x Misa: Um... Crack parring....



- Souji x Saito: Um totaly epicness, they're always together and totaly fitable (that is if Saito was a girl) ....

- Hisuke x Chiziru: AHH THEY ARE SO ADOREABLE, closet in age and over all. THey get along very well too, even though she doesnt really end up with him i think its the cutest of all the Chizuru parings in the anime. 



- Yamamoto x Gokudera: the 10ths right hand men. Need I say more?

- Reborn x Colleno: ABANCHELLO FOR THE WIN



- Yoite x Miharu: Honestly who doesnt ship this?



- Gilbert x Alice: SOOOO CUTES
- Oz x Jack: Um... half crack?



- Girriko x Justin: Um... DUH <3<3<3<3 [and girrikko is sooo hot!]
- Medusa x Stine: ... Yes im wrong in the head



- Sauron x Sakura: um DUH
- Fai x Kurogane: Again another cannon parring (Sorta)


- Zero x Yuki: Kaname should go throw himself into a whole of death and distruction...


I have more... Ill pst them later loves <3

WOOT WOOT!!!  Yay for Kaname-hating Zeroyuki shippers *high-five*  And I like your acknowledgement of LxLight as cannon :D :D


I never thought of Grimmy x Hime-chan before... Hmmm... I'll need to consider...




Ciel and Alois... because Sebby has a fatherly feel over Ciel to me, and all Alois wants is love and what Ciel really NEEDS is love.  They'd compliment and counter each other well.


Lau an Ranmao because the lucky *insert word* gets to sit on Lau's lap :P  "Seaweed!"


Onesided Soma and Meena, becuase I like giving him the depth of having loved her so much he left his hime to search in his innocent mindset.  Poor baby.



Ah i didnt do black butler because i end up parring everyone with everyone.... so... XP
xDD  I have a few oc pairings that are results ofrps, so I didn't post a lot of them.   SebbyxTristan ftw.

GRIMMHIME *again* [best parring EVA]

I love: This link because it gives a great explanation of inside Grimmhime and why many [like myself] fans like the parring. As well as shows the hard fact behind this ship. I think its probably the best explanation for GrimmHime i've read and deffiently my favorite. (also cause it shows so much grimmy!) These two have everything for a good relationship!


*quoted directly from the source*

" Good communication – Whenever Orihime was curious about ANYTHING, Grimmjow completely informed her on the matter.

Honesty – Grimmjow pretty much never tries to hide his intentions from her, no matter how bad they are. XD

Trust – Orihime is naturally a trusting person, so no argument there. Grimmjow also displays trust in her powers, as he silenced a wailing child by showing his confidence in her power.

Understanding – Hey, Grimmjow claims he understands Orihime better than Ichigo. Considering that Ichigo went to school with Orihime, and Grimmjow only interacted with Orihime a couple times in the manga, that’s pretty amazing. XD

Loyalty – Even if she was ordered to heal his arm, Grimmjow still took it upon himself to burst through a locked door and beat up two women that were abusing Orihime in repayment in the most brutal way possible. That’s hardcore dedication right there. " 

*end of quote*


Its really a miricle that theres not more fans for this parring in my opinion. But don't let me brainwash you please! <3


*now wants GrimUlquiHime love tringle*  too late.

 Lia is a brainwashed Lia.

*smiles secretly* Aww dear I brainwashed someone *huggles grimmy* HES STILL MINE [I only share with Orihime!]
Fiiine... But I get Ulqui!!
AW DARN.. .. okay =)
:D But sadly, we must both share our bishies with Hime-chan.  Also, Tell Tamsyn (my rl girlfriend) that Grimmy x Boris Airay (from Alice in the Kingdom of hearts) is a BAAAD PAIRING!!!
Cross-over parrings scare me... and with BORIS out of everyone in AKH? I would pari grimmy with Blood not Boris...
I think Boris would work with Acey darling


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