The Twilight Saga

CALLING ALL OTAKU AND FUJOSHI!!! Name the fandoms, pairings and why (I'll love ya forever if you post a pic, too.)

Feel free to flail together and discuss... just no fights please??


My biggest ships (Will add pics later... I'm a lazy, lazy Venomania.):

Sunao/Sora from Sukisho.  my one and only cannon ship!  (Err probably not my ONLY but whatever.  I usually hate cannon.)  These two have been through so much together and totally deserved their cute happy ending.


Ulquiorra/Inoue from Bleach I'm one of few people who actually LIKE Inoue.  He discovered his human heart because of her!! And she was... its just... augh! *tear* WHY DID YOU KILL MY ULQUIBABY, KUBO-SENSEI?!


Aizen/Hinamori from Bleach.  I don't have many Bleach pairings. Only two more after this, I swear.  But anyway, we all know she loved him.  And I think, in a secretive, closed off part of his mind, he had an affection for her, too.  But he was so crazed for his goal, and caught up, that I think he lost sight of who "Sosuke" was and became only what "Aizen" the lord of Hueco Mundo should be according to him. I think, now that he's reflecting in his cell, it's possible he may even feel some form of regret.  Maybe "Captain Aizen" exists, just a little bit and would still "always have time" for Momo <3  If you can't tell... it's an OTP of mine.


Ichigo/Ishida from Bleach... I know I'm gunna get FLAMED to death for this by IchiRuki, IchiHime, RenIchi, etc shippers... But I honestsly REALLY like it. Okay?  They've got an adorable rivalry!


Gin/Matsumoto from Bleach.  How can they NOT be together?  After he *spoiler* betrayed everything for her! A-and she ... she just... *cries*


L/Light from Death Note.  Who doesn't ship this? REALLY?  Do I even need to list why?


Matt/Mello from Death Note.  Mels. Felt. Sad. Because. Mattie. Died.  Proof enough.


Zero/Yuki from Vampire Knight. Kaname can go die.  So there.


Roy/Riza from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood... Because Roy totally loves her.  And needs a babysitter.


Ling/LanFan from FMA Brotherhood because she totally loves him and a true king knows where his heart lies.


Death The Kid/Soul from Soul Eater... So I have a crackship... sue me!


I have more... I know I do... I'mforgetting some... GRRR.  Anyway, post yours!

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^^ Aww.

My new love:

Rin x Yukio. Gotta love demonic twincest, right?

love that manga o.o

I knooooow. God demon twins.... Y u be so wonderful.

yay! ((Rin looks yummy there O.o)



I love the last picture xD Very funny. Poooor Hime-chan


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