The Twilight Saga

Hehe! I couldn't help myself from making this! There are just too many characters that are adorable, whether it's in their actions or looks...

SO! List the characters that you think are cutest here! :D

(I will be doing so)

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Cutest Anime guys (In no order):

Boris from Heart No Kuni No Alice (Alice in Wonderland parody):

Blood Dupre from Heart No Kuni No Alice:

Kuroda Hayato from AAA (The one on the left):

Hunny from Ouran High School Host Club:

Tamaki from Ouran:

Crona from Soul Eater:

Death The Kid from Soul Eater:
Soul "Eater" Evans from Soul Eater:

Zero from Vampire Knight:

Aido from Vampire Knight:

And more to come! Later...when I get back from school...

VERY Adorable. Ouran boys.. Blood... Boris... Crona, Kidd... flail. I'd have used most of yours, too but to be original...

 Hayato Sakura from Undertaker Riddle

Ling Yao from Fullmetal Alcehmist: Brotherhood

Spirit Albarn from Soul Eater

Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist

Near from Death Note

Ciel PHantomhive from Black Butler

Matsuda from Death Note

Shinra Kishitani from Durarara

I have more I'll post periodically over time.

SPIRIT! I totally forgot about him!!!! D:




.....Boris is mine....o.o

*pout* Fiiine. Then the lovely ELLIOT MARCH is all mine!

... Ace, too

GASP! You took...ACE! D':

How dare you...

I call Boris and Blood then! :3

But then we can't forget about Dee and Dum either...

That leaves Julius to me! Bwahahaha!

You can have him! :) He's not as cute as Boris to me. :3

Why you all steal the cuties from Alice in the Country of Hearts and leave none for me? :| Hunter's gonna go cry  because they stole her twinsies away D:


Tusubasa: Starry Sky

Syo (Shou): Uta no Prince Sama

The Bad Touch Trio (Prussia, Spain and France): Axis Powers Hetalia

I mean come on :) Arent these guys adorable (and <- Denmark too) I have more, but they're on my other comp, if i kept all the images of all my boys on one comp this would overload o.o

You can have the twins! I will gladly give them to you as long as I can have Boris!

Hunny for sure!!! :D Hes the cutest anime EVER. :D


am an eternally happy that i get  my bloody boys :)

hahaha. I had to audition for drama with a scene from Alice in Wonderland (I was Tweedle Dee) and I totally based my interpretation on Dee from AKH. I called Alice 'Lady' once and was a total yandere once she tried to leave.


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